Blessing in Disguise: A Little Favor from the Law of Attraction

Serene moments in Donalsonville, GA.   Photo copyright by Lorna Tedder.  All rights reserved.

I was somewhat mortified (to put it mildly) when my 17-year-old announced that she was looking up men from my past on Facebook and friending them.

They were all men I’d cared for at one time or another and she had, too, which is why she was concerned about how they’re doing now.  Some of them weren’t doing so well the last time she saw them, and she has a soft heart.

Some have since responded readily and some never will, but that has everything to do with the Law of Attraction and the way things must line up for old lovers and friends to be reunited.

The first thing to look for in such alignments is where you are.  For my daughter and me, we are both in a wonderful place in our lives right now—lots of hard work but plenty of excitement and passion for both the future and right now.  Most of the  people I attract into my life now become fast friends with her as well because we’re on the same wavelength—not an easy feat  with every teenaged child!

So I can’t blame her for—and won’t stop her from—choosing to reconnect with men who’ve been somehow important in her life because they were once important to me.  She has a big heart and a lot of compassion, and that reflects in her connections to others.  I can’t always see this so well in her connections to other people her own age—people I don’t know well because she has so terribly many friends—but I can certainly observe their alignments in our mutual friends.

Because I know where the two of us are in our own frequencies, it’s easy to tell where others are in their interactions with us.  If we’re in alignment with friends from my past or present, that comes through rather clearly in our initial re-introductions—or lack thereof.  Only the people in alignment with us come back into our lives in a stable way.

It’s an interesting lesson:  some happy, vibrant people keep coming back into our lives over and over, and we have such great times with them.  They never stay away for long, and if they are away, it’s mainly because they are as busy as we are. Some people, who are not “in a good place,” show up only intermittently…if at all.

We may wish for those we love who are unhappy and miserable to be back with us, but the Law of Attraction does us a huge favor by matching us up with people who are more in the mindset and good mood that we are.  It’s a blessing in disguise, though most people don’t realize it when they’re agonizing over a missing lover.  It would be much more difficult to stay upbeat and serene if we spent all our time and effort on friends and lovers who are negative, angry, and bitter.

Right now, with the people we attract into our lives and the people we attract back into our lives, it’s easy to be happy.


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