The Way Life Should Be: Full of Passion

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I’m excited.  But honestly, I think everything should be exciting.  I think that if you don’t feel excited about your work, your hobbies, or the person you’re with, then you should turn your attention to something or someone you can feel passionate about.

I’ve just added a few creative passions back into my life after a long absence.  One is the jewelry-making that Daughter #1 (Shannon) and I used to do that I set aside when I had eye problems that I no longer have.  The other is a matter of bonding with Daughter #2 (Aislinn) over her sideline as a portrait photographer and returning to my old passion for nature photography.  Both are fun, creative pleasures I can share with my kids, and I probably would not have remembered how much I love nature photography were it not for the enthusiasm of Aislinn and my friend Todd.  I don’t know how I could have forgotten.

I feel the same way about my home business now–and I’ve added back a few things that I’ve been passionate about in the past but had set aside due to lack of  time and focus elsewhere.  I’m now reclaiming those and having a blast.

I’m excited about my home and the decor that I love and that all my guests love.  It feels so good to get home every day, not just because I can’t wait to start on my creative passions but because I’m so excited about the atmosphere and serene energy of my home.

My friends and romantic ties are full of excitement for me, too.  There’s no ho-hum about seeing someone–I can’t wait!

When I was a trainee in my day job, one of my co-workers had a cartoon of a guy putting tinker toys together.  The caption read, “Life is nothing without passion.”  Tongue in cheek, yes, but so true.  Everything–every hobby, job, art, space, and relationship–should be this exciting, this full of passion.

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