Can You Attract Old Lovers Back into Your Life?

[LADY IN WAITING, inside a 1000-year-old temple, c 2008 by Lorna Tedder]

Can you attract important people from your past–particularly old friends and lovers–BACK into your life? Of the Law of Attraction followers I’ve met and worked with, fully a third are looking for easy money and a second third just want that special person back. I see people turn to love spells and pray like crazy because they want what they lost, whether the relationship was good for them at the time or not.

But the short answer to the question is YES, you CAN attract important people back into your life. The long answer is that the relationship will not be the same as the one you had before–it can be better, it can be worse, it can be neither better nor worse but different, but it will never be the same.

I talked to a woman who’d had great success with the Law of Attraction and bringing old boyfriends back into her life. She did it both intentionally and unintentionally, by simply being herself, and they fell in love with her all over again. Her problem wasn’t with attracting but with keeping the relationships going. She had a habit of changing herself to suit what she thought these men needed and they’d lose interest every time. Yet, each relationship was a variation of the former and there was always “glue” between her and these men as long as she stayed true to herself.

A Law of Attraction guru who supports the idea of being able to attract friends and lovers back in an ethical manner (the being yourself part) gives the analogy of salt. He says that two people who share a soul connection will, when in proximity, reconnect. They may be separate sodium and chlorine when miles apart, but put them in the same proximity and they’ll form salt whether they intend to or not. There will be a certain quality when they combine that is more than they are separately. Ethics has nothing to do with it–it’s the nature of what they are whenever they combine as long as they are true to themselves when separate and don’t dilute themselves. Again, the emphasis is on being yourself and then it just happens naturally when proximity occurs.

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