The Universe Wants You to be Happy but the Economy Doesn’t

Maybe the question is, Does our culture “allow” us to be happy? Or are we all supposed to put on a “happy face” and pretend we’re happy but while being expected NOT to be truly happy?

[TREE HUGGER photo by Littlesprite Photography]

I was very impressed with an analogy that I heard in an Abraham-Hicks seminar. The perturbation was one I’ve dealt with myself and worked through myself: how we tell people they can’t be angry or jealous or suffer any of the darker emotions because, according to someone’s religion or the mandated etiquette, to be angry or jealous or depressed or frustrated is a BAD THING and you must TAMP IT DOWN and IGNORE IT. The result of all that hiding of darker but genuine emotion, rather than talking it out, writing it out, or otherwise purging it constructively, is to let it fester and turn inward on itself. Few people in your environment will encourage your anger to be unleashed but it’s sweeter on their own ears and shoulders if ….

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