Come, Fire Drink with Me, Baby!

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A few weeks ago, I felt pressed to ask Kelley Harrell,  Gift of the Dreamtimeto make a shamanic journey for me. I had some healing issues that needed to be addressed in a different sort of way.

I was intrigued with the report she made back to me, and I’m still digesting the meaning and the imagery she spoke of. One of the messages my guides had for me was to find a way to emulate drinking fire as they had on this particular journey with Kelley. How does one “drink fire” ritually? I was sure there had to be a way. Fire is such a powerful symbol, and the only fire I have in my chart is Leo in Uranus.

I knew about fire-walking, and not from “Twin Peaks” either! Years ago, I attended a motivational marketing seminar led by Jay Abraham. Enough of the class had just attended a Tony Robbins workshop that included walking across hot coals (what a great initiation!) to get a flavor for Robbins’ technique. Some of the graduates had been so powerfully moved by the fire-walking experience that they’d had their names legally changed to “Fire-walker.” Others explained the secret to walking on hot coals without getting burned, though they hadn’t known the secret until they’d walked the coals. Considering how I love the go barefoot, I wondered how I’d do in that kind of ritual, but it’s not quite the fire-drinking I need.

Still, I thought, there had to be something symbolic of fire-drinking over all these thousands of years. So I asked a few friends.

“I’d use vodka,” Maggie Shayne, Witch Moon Rising, joked with me, “but that’s just me.”

Okay, yes, I’d thought about whisky, which had been called “fire-water.” I’d thought about a spicy Australian wine, too. But alcohol’s not something I want to indulge on a (possibly) nightly basis.Several other friends suggested cinnamon tea, which I love, capsicum tablets, and a few other very worthy ideas.

Oh, and then I asked Gail Wood. Now, I can always count on Gail to give me marvelous information and have me doubled up on the floor laughing. Gail’s The Wild God, her wonderful book on the Sacred Masculine for getting in touch with all forms of the God was just what this former Baptist needed for a new viewpoint on the male God and why pagans shouldn’t forget about the masculine side of Deity. Her book was in production when our computer crashed, so we had to start from scratch. It’s back in production and coming out soon. But I might have known Gail would have an answer for me.

Flying By Night novel

Dancing. That’s right. And how long has it been since I went dancing? Not counting with the gay cover models at the Romantic Times convention?

Gail continued, “That’s what my gut tells me is that you need to dance with fire, dance fire, absorb fire into your being—dance it in, drink the fire in the form of taking it into your body.”

She offered some specific advice, then told me to remember that fire is passion, persistence, courage, creativity, play, salsa, phoenix, dragon, instinctual, moving, living energy. Wow. Amen, sister!

“You need to let go of your intellect and let the fire move into you.”

Yeah, I think I’ve heard that before. Several times. And it’s advice I’ve never taken before.

“Pull in the fire energy through your mouth,” Gail told me. “Let it course through your systems and then dance. You can also dance like you were the phoenix. Take a big slurpy gulp (literally and symbolically) and dance. Dance till you sweat.”

Then she said something else I really liked: “Drinking fire is opening up to the ecstatic witch that you are, a no-holds-barred-take-no-prisoners-sweaty-strong-firey-spicey-drink-of-fire-embodiment.”

I’m grinning at the thought of it. Okay, so I’m not so sure about doing the big slurpy phoenix thing….I was thinking a bit more sensual…but I’m looking forward to rubbing a couple of sticks together and taking a swig of whatever it is Gail’s been drinking.


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