Attracting Back that Special Someone: The Abundance Mindset

plasma squared circle by limowreck666.

Photo by limowreck666; creative commons license


One of biggest problems with attracting back a lover, friend, or some other “someone special” is that we as humans tend to focus more on the absence of that person than on appreciating the love that is already shared.

When a special man in my life was preparing to leave for a career move that would take him far, far away from me, he kept telling me how much he hated that he was going to “lose you when I leave.”  We both knew he had to leave and that I couldn’t leave with him, at least not easily. And I kept thinking about how he was leaving too soon and how much I’d miss him.  We did our best to enjoy the relationship in the moment rather than focus on the future, thinking that we wouldn’t have a future together.  Everything focused on the lack and loss that was coming.  And the loss did come, with him having to leave even sooner than originally planned.

Here’s the contrast between thinking in terms of lack and in terms of abundance when the person you love goes away….


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