Patterns in January 2009 Solar Eclipse: What It Portends

Down the Road by shinealight.

Photo by shinealight; creative commons license

Wondering what the January 2009 Solar Eclipse portends for you?            Look at the patterns in your own life, particular where the eclipses of this particular eclipse “family” have hit before. The general feeling for the current eclipse is that it will have a huge impact on everyone, with the result in effect for the next 3 to 4 years.

The eclipse of January 25 or 26 (depending on your time zone) is #50 in the family of eclipses known as Saros 131.  The 70 eclipses of Saros 131 began in 1125 and will end in 2369, spanning 1244 years.

To get a hint of what the January 2009 eclipse might influence in your life, look back at the last one on January 15 or  16 (depending on your time zone) of 1991.  Think about what was going on in your life then.

For me, I know exactly what was going on in my life at that time.  I was at a fork in the road, both professionally and personally.  In my professional life, I made a choice to pursue more doggedly my non-writing career, or at least to make it more important than my writing career.  I made a decision within a month of this eclipse that made me a superstar in my non-writing career, for the next several years but at the expense of what I really wanted to be doing with my life.  It was a good decision for my non-writing career, but again, a fork in the road for me.  I can’t really say I regret this one because I did very well and had lots of wonderful opportunities that made my professional life a rich place to be, plus financially rewarding as well.

As for the other fork in the road for me?  In my personal life, I remember this time period with a great deal of pain.  I had been presented repeatedly with a choice to make in my personal life and I chose not to make it, to put it off.  Within the 30 days after that eclipse–30 days being a key time period for big events to happen or be speeded up after an eclipse–I was forced to choose.  I took the conservative path rather than where my heart said to go because I was afraid of being condemned for what I really wanted and let myself be convinced that I was just too “different” to know what was good for me.  Though there were some joys along this particular prong of the path I finally took, there was a lot of misery, too, and the result of it was burying my strongest desires in favor of what I was told I “should” do.  I stayed on that path for 14 years longer  because of that decision.

So what of these past influences might I look at for this eclipse?  I trust my intuition and value myself much more greatly now than then, and now it FEELS like this eclipse is more about choosing to do what I want and going after my happiness rather than being where other people think I should be and doing what other people think I should do.  I’ve already learned that lesson for myself, but I suspect I’ll soon be presented with some opportunities that will force me show how well I understand the lesson of living out my own dreams.   The stakes are about to go up.

What about you?  What happened in early 1991 that is revisiting your life now?


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