What Mercury in Retrograde Is WONDERFUL For

Mercury, God of commerce and speed by Southernpixel.

Photo by SouthernPixel; creative commons license

From earnest followers of astrology to people who know only that “Mercury in Retrograde” is the herald of computer crashes, missed messages, and flat tires, most people I know cringe when they heard the phrase.  If you’re a believer in the ill effects of the seeminly backward motion of this planet in the sky, then take heart:  there’s something wonderful that the three weeks of blocked communications and transportation energy is good for.

Normally, this is not a time to start new projects, according to conventional wisdom.  Really, though?  It’s part of the ebb and flow of the patterns of life.  Sometimes, you can go with the energy and push forward and then when Mercury stations retrograde, stop pushing so hard and reflect on what’s been accomplished.  If you insist on pushing through, against the grain of the energy of life, it’s sooooo much harder and often has to be re-accomplished.  Instead, enjoy that ebb and flow of life and take the time to re-assess before moving forward with new projects.  Finish up what’s already in the works!

However, there’s one place you CAN push forward, and it’s with reconnecting with the past, in particular with people and friends from your past.  This is an excellent time to head over to Facebook.com and search for the friends you had in high school, college, the military, that first job.   We live in an incredible time where we can reconnect with people we haven’t seen in decades and renew old friendships.

And while you’re over there, feel free to follow me, too, (Lorna Tedder). Just tell me “Mercury made me do it!”

(If you connect with someone from your past because of this post, please tell your story below!  We love to hear happy news.)

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