Around the riverbend, life is sometimes pretty amazing.

Photo by Chan Worley, Copyright all rights reserved. Used with permission.

Inexplicably, things suddenly seem shinier than they have in previous years.  Given the state of the world at the moment—and the state of my current social trend toward being, well, unsociable after several of my dearest ones had to move away—I had thought this would have been a darker time.  Instead, two weeks before the longest night of the year and the seasonal and spiritual celebrations of Winter Solstice, it feels as if the Light is returning already.   And yes, I’m really shocked, but pleasantly so!

My meditations have been noticeably different in the past few days. The Full Moon meditation (see link) startled me when I found sparkling sunshine all around me, especially after the previous two painful meditations and even more painful outcome.  In my private, regular meditations in my “Enchanted Forest,”  as of this week, it’s become a beautiful enchanted forest FORTRESS.  Last night, the venue was dark, a gentle and warmish night-time in the forest halls, with winter’s leaves on the ground and candles…oh, candles of all sorts!  Tall, short, pillar candles, tea lights.  All white. All burning brightly.  All lining either side of the forest halls and sparkling back with romance and charm.  It reminded me almost of my back patio with its sparkling Christmas lights outlining the edges.  Though my Enchanted Forest is always a beautiful and safe place, it had been decorated especially for me, like a surprise.  And it was a very joyful place to be, even when I’ve been there a couple of weeks ago and found it dark and cold, so that I quickly lit bonfires and found a hurting friend sitting, shivering in wait for me.  This was as opposite as it could have been—flickering, sweet lights—and the sacredness of the closeness I felt in that moment was tangible.

At the same time, my themes for the next year are beginning to gel.  Re-purposing is a huge part of the next year for me. I’ve looked at it in the past as re-formatting or re-packaging and gotten a good start on it but with new technologies and new markets, my guidance tells me it’s much more than that.  It is finding a new purpose for the things I already know and have, a higher manifestation of where I’ve been.  This isn’t just finding a new market for an old product or service but rather, a new incarnation that will be freer for me.

I think that I must have enough material in inventory that I would not have to create anything new for the next year and could still be as busy as I could ever desire to be.  Worst case,  I could produce about 10% of new material and fling out new creations to new audiences for reasons very different from in their previous lives.  I have one project alone that I created 12 years ago for a free workshop I did for a tiny professional audience.  The information is still valid, still timely…at least 80% of it anyway. Maybe more with a little re-writing.  That 80% equates to about 8, maybe 10, different projects in different formats for different audiences.  Online workshops, ebooks, DVD’s, audio files, and e-courses are all very real possibilities.  Out of ONE project that’s been on a shelf for most of the past decade.  The material is done—it’s just a matter of some tweaking and applying current technology to its distribution! And that’s just one example.

Another is the material I put together for my monthly gatherings.  I have a rather unique spin what I teach, and there’s no reason it can’t be re-purposed into projects for other audiences.  The work is done, regardless.  So why just put that work on a shelf and ignore that additional good things it can do?

But it’s not just the work itself that I’ve done and now need to give a good push and go reap the rewards.  No, it’s also the work I’ve done on MYSELF that I need to now recognize and go reap the rewards. 

And that’s a very nice Yule present from me to…me.


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