Incense Stick II by Eladesor.

Photo by Eladesor; creative commons license


Certain types of incense make me feel calmer, others put me in the mood for loving, and some just remind me of the serenity and sacredness of home.  Seems there’s some science now to back up my weird impressions.

Discover Magazine reports  ( ) that at least one incense has uplifting effects in an article that may have depressed people burning more incense.  That particular incense is frankincense, one of my personal favs.  I’m especially fond of frankincense and rose oil mixes.

Others on my list of personal favorites–not including ones that are meant for specific rituals– are:

Nag Champa (the general incense of my home when I have summer guests)


Flying By Night novel

Dragon’s Blood  0r Dragon’s Breath (the favored scent for romantic company)




My favs remind me of sweet, erotic, sacred, and wonderful times and just make the whole house (or my bedroom) feel great.  It’s good to know that frankincense will give me an emotional lift.  I’ll keep that in mind for times when I’m feeling a little lonely or missing friends.  I like being a Happy Witch!


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