Dodging Lightning: Karma, Healing, and Addictions

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One of my  friends who is heavily into astrology tells me that for much of the year thus far and for the next few months, we are dealing with three strong influences in the cosmic weather—a conjunction or near-conjunction of the True Node (karma), Chiron (healing/wounds), and Neptune (addictions/idealism/deception).  I’ve been watching this play out in plenty of mini-dramas at work and in my social circles, mainly where people are having to deal with the outcome of past decisions regarding ego.

From what I’ve observed around me, people seem to be forced to contend with past patterns.  If they’ve cleared out their shadows and done the self-work necessary, this is their chance to acknowledge the healing, and then they seem to be rising to a higher vibe in their lives, where everything is starting to come together.  It’s a grand reward for making positive changes in their lives and focusing on their life purpose.

The other side of the coin from the grand reward, however, is the grand payback.   For those people who have been ignoring their shadows and escaping through all sorts of self-medications, this is a time when the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost (aka, that karmic True Node or North Node).  As I’ve said here before, addictions are our way of numbing some kind of pain—loneliness, rejection, boredom—and a way to escape (Neptune) the things in life that are too painful to work through.  Where there has been deception and self-deception, not living life as our authentic selves, this is the time when those deceptions will be revealed, and in the most painful way possible so that there is opportunity for healing through this wounding.

For example, I have one particular friend who has been longing for that idealistic long-term love connection but he’s been fooling way too many women—and himself—and self-medicating through his sexual fetishes.  He’s let himself get lost in fantasy rather than dealing with the possibility of both rejection and sheer bliss because fantasy has been safer.  He’s being forced now, as some unsavory photos have become available online, to contend with the bitter reality of scandal and losing his ultra-conservative dream career because the wrong person recognized him.  Regardless of how good he looks in a leash, the general public is neither forgiving nor understanding.  He’s been ignoring his own healing process since his last break-up two years ago,  and the fates aren’t going to let him continue his previous path of self-destruction.  

Cosmic weather, as I call it, doesn’t dictate that we’ll all get wet or hailed upon.  These are simply influences…cycles…that are in our environment right now.  In this case, they’re cycles of healing, karmic rewards and payback, and idealism/deception.  You can make of this weather what you want…just as if you know it’s night and cloudy, you may wish to carry a lantern and an umbrella or be willing to stumble and dodge lightning.

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