Serious Moonlight: Ideas for Your July Full Moon Meditations and Rituals

Do the rocks control the river or does the river have more power?  Engaging photo by Hamad Darwish; used here under a creative commons license

The New Moon and Full Moon are always wonderful times for meditation and ritual, or just for self-reflection on where you are in your life.  The Full Moon of July 17-18 (depending on your time zone) will be a very “serious” moon.

With the Sun in Cancer, all those emotions are flowy and intense, and I have to say, the meditations and rituals of the last New Moon and the Summer Solstice were extremely powerful and have yielded some amazing results for everyone I’ve spoken with.  In every case, there has been a Two of Cups feel to the results–a new agreement that will eventually yield cold hard cash, a new way of bonding between people who thought their relationship was done, a new beginning that forces people to come together in unusual new beginnings.  These have all been more like intense promise rather than physical manifestation, in all these cases, something occurring that must shift EVERYTHING before the future can come to fruition.  Or, as I said a month ago, a time of BRIDGES between how things were and how they will be.

This July Full Moon carries a different flavor.  It’s in the sign of Capricorn which has the texture of seriousness, restraint, heaviness, harshness, reality, solidity, and even coldness.  Maybe it’s just me, but everyone around me right now seems to be going through a time of feeling loss or structure as Jupiter–normally an expansive influence–is also in Capricorn.  If nothing else, the US economy is having a muting effect on many people right now.

If we look at the high and low manifestations of this cosmic weather, we have a choice for how to direct our meditation work and its results for the next month.  We can either look at the cold hard facts and restraints of our emotional arena, mostly relationships, or we can focus on solidifying and structuring those relationships.  In either case, it’s a time of structure to our emotions.  We can focus on cold reality and cut our losses or we can focus on bringing emotional promises into the physical realm, whether those emotional promises involved relationships with other people or relationships with, say, money and paying off old debts.

Pardon me while I channel (!), but I see this moon’s energy as either dam walls or high riverbanks–directing, holding, guiding, restraining all that watery emotional flow.  We are moving into a time that is “just around the riverbend,” but this month, we’ll be aware as much of what holds the river to its course as we are of the river itself.

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