Taking the Right Action to "Attract Back" Someone Special

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Do you have to take action to attract someone back into your life?The short answer is yes, but not in the way you might think.  For that, you have to read the very long answer.

The action that brings someone back into your life is a reflection of the action that caused them to leave.  They re-enter by the same door they exited. Confused?  Keep reading. (Shoot, you might as well grab a cup of tea for this one….)

One of the TV shows I loved as a kid was the original “Land of the Lost,” especially episodes written by D.C. Fontana.  In one of the last shows of the original season, the family could return home if they went back through a portal and something of equal mass entered (themselves, I believe, in a time loop…but it’s been many years since I watched it).  I always thought of it as a balance of energy (or matter), which is how I see this idea of “attracting back” someone you’ve lost.

I’ve often heard it said that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  Sorry, but I can’t categorize that easily.  Seasons constantly change but the impact is always for a lifetime.  People have always come into my life for a  reason, and they’ve come back for a reason, too. But can you do something—anything—to bring them back once they’ve come into your life and left, or do you just have to categorize someone as a “season” if they don’t spend consecutive years by your side?

It’s a heartfelt question from many of my readers, judging by the popularity of a handful of essays I’ve written here.  Literally 5% of the essays I’ve written for this site attract 95% of its traffic.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be—the heart is involved, and we all want answers that don’t come quickly. But the first question after “is it possible to attract someone back?” is usually “what do I DO to attract someone back?”

In other words, what action can you take beyond the visualizing and believing part of the Law of Attraction?

As many deep-feeling women do, I have occasionally…. This article is included in its entirety in Attract Him Back.


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