Ritual Results: How Could I Have Missed the Truth?

Well, of course.  That’s me, hitting the heel of my palm against my forehead in a gesture reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” video from the early 80’s.  How could I have missed it?

The emotional Tower Card of the past few days has been about trust.  Scorpio Full Moons are good for that.  Secrecy, sexuality, intensity, truth…and trust.

Yes, my friend Maverick is on the other side of the world and communication between us is spotty  to non-existent.  I can give up on that and walk away or I can let my heart get wrung out.  The same is true of other men I’ve cared for where the communication between is now–or has been–spotty to non-existent.  That’s the repeat in this lesson I haven’t quite understood before.

If I wanted to ditch our friendship, then the opportunity is certainly there.  No communication?  Forget him.  Forget the reasons why, too.

But if I am to trust that the connection and the caring for any and all of these men who have been special to me was really there, is there now, and will be there in the future, then I cannot assume the connection is gone just because because the physical proximity is.  That doesn’t mean I won’t, perhaps, find another man who’s better suited to my needs, since my relationship with Maverick is not defined in that way.  This isn’t so much about Maverick as the lesson my friendship with him is teaching me.

Trust the connection.  The form has changed, for the moment, but not the substance.  The connection is there with or without physical proximity–that has now been established.  Once it’s made, it never really goes away, (and in relationships where the connection was never made, they just drift, even through marriage and children) .  The opportunity is always there to strengthen that connection when physical proximity is once again close.  That goes for Maverick, but at the same time, it’s true of other men in my life.

Regardless of the man, it’s the truth.


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