Time is of the essence, they say, but maybe really, that’s just the essence of time.

At least 5 times in 24 hours, I’ve been reminded that “time is of the essence” and not to tarry.  In the back of my mind, I’ve also realized that nearly half of May has already come and gone and over 4 months of this very fast-paced year.  Not that it’s flown by without purpose–I’ve accomplished a ton during that time, but the reminder is there, not so gently, to take advantage of  time to sow seeds now.  The reminders turned scary at one point and just incredibly tiring at others.

I knew I’d have to ditch my work plans last night when Aislinn suddenly spiked a fever.  I let her sleep late this morning, rather than haul her immediately into the doc’s, and that seemed to do her a world of good.  That’s when a sudden problem arose with our printer that threatened our scheduled release of Kristin Madden’s Mabon: Pagan Thanksgiving.  Time was of the essence, and while Aislinn slept, I worked frantically to smooth the rip in our schedule…which I put to bed near midnight, finally.

Meanwhile, my messages to Maverick in Afghanistan didn’t quite make it. He was able to email me, but my messages weren’t getting through. Silly boy wouldn’t come right out and tell me this, of course, because as he tells me, I’m never wrong and if I say I sent a message, then he’s sure I did.  But time was of the essence in our communications and we barely missed each other….

Thank you for reading!  The complete version of this article is now included in Give Your Life Direction.


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