Between the Scorpio Moons, Life Shifts Fast

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To put it in Star Wars jargon, I’ve felt another shift in The Force recently.

Here we are, half-way between two Scorpio full moons with a Taurus Sun and it’s at a new moon in Taurus.  There’s been a tug in a particular direction for the past week as Saturn turned direct and a definite shift occurring Sunday night/Monday morning with this new moon.  I’d say it’s just my own general eccentricity, but others are noticing the same kinds of shifting, at the same time.

I think the next 30 days will be quite interesting.  It seems to be a time of throwing off old emotional weights that have been on our shoulders, sometimes for years.  I’ve noted that some people are ready to leave behind the heavy baggage–both in trunks and in the heart–of old lovers and friendships gone awry and at the same time, there’s a reweaving of old dreams that seemed to have been lost.

For me, personally, I’ve been shown the outcome of a particular dream had it come to me when I desperately wanted it, and I likely would not have survived it.  I am letting go of that, finally, and no matter how many times you’re told to let go, you simply cannot do it until you have processed the consequences and made peace with the situation.  It cannot be rushed and discarded lightly, no matter how disgruntled and impatient your friends, family, colleagues, and others become who don’t bear the same emotional burden as you do.  It must have its time, even when it doesn’t suit anyone else.  It makes me sad now to realize that the thing I wanted would indeed have brought me great joy, but would have destroyed my health.  I couldn’t have known that then, and it would have been several years later before I felt the damage of those choices.

But this is not the only shift I’ve felt. Like others, I am finally able to let go of something (else) I had really wanted and there is no pain this time with letting go.  It’s simply opening my palms, the cord slipping away, and being free of dragging the weight of it behind me.  Once I realized this, Sunday evening, I immediately unsubscribed from various blogs and alerts, removed email addresses and phone numbers, and subsequently shed myself of anything left that had to do with the persons I’d held onto.  I had wanted them back in my life, but the time for that has passed, they’re no longer a part of my present or future, and I no longer wish for their return.  Whatever was there has been honored and released, and is now nothing more than a faint and fading glimpse of memory.  They are now the past, and that’s where they’ll stay.

Yet, like others, I am feeling a strange re-weaving of dreams shoved aside several years ago.  It’s like coming to a hole in the tapestry, a rather large hole you must go around and that you’ve been skirting the perimeter of for years, and finding suddenly that the threads are coming to life, coming together in a slightly different pattern–a patch of violets now instead of a tulip, but a garden nonetheless–and that you no longer have to make your way around a vast hole but can see the form of what fills the void.  That form in the void grows more solid by the hour.  This reweaving of dreams and promise of new gifts is part of the shift.

We let go with one hand, palm open, cord slipping away.  And we open our other hand, the fist that was closed by loss or misstep, and cup our palm for the key to be dropped into our grasp.


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