A Meditation First for Me

Photo by Deeble

For quite some time now, I’ve started my meditations in my Enchanted Forest.  I’ve met lovers there and friends, had men drink from my hands and lips and hug me for dear life from on their knees.  I’ve pulled them out of dark prisons, drifted on quiet lakes, let them sleep in my arms, climbed rocky mountains, stretched out in green grass in sunshine.  Most of those times have been quiet and serious, almost desperate in tone, clutching at each other to hold on.

You cannot tell me that energetic connections aren’t real–I’ve proven that out at least twice in the past year with two new romances, and two old ones.  If you tell me things in my meditations and show me things, and then you call me the next day–even if we haven’t spoken in months or years–and repeat the same words and show me the same things as in my dreamwalking, there IS a connection.

I’ve not gone there often recently to my forest–I’ve gone to other venues for my meditations–but I’ve tried twice in the past few nights.  There are various men in the Enchanted Forest but one has come forward in these meditations and seems to be demanding my attention when I’m there.

What’s different is that he’s all about PLAY.  He’s hardly there a moment and we’re splashing water at each other from the fountain or throwing leaves at each other.  He has me laughing in this meditation, to the point where I giggle my way back into the waking world.  I have  not been able to stay there with him because his playing is so damnably disruptive and fun!