Attracting a Relationship with a Specific Person


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Is it unethical to ask for a particular relationship with a particular person?

Some say yes, but when the heart is involved and you love the person whom you want a particular type of relationship with, you don’t want to settle for less.  You may be willing to have the same kind of relationship with someone else–“or better” as the caveat often is–but you still long for a beautiful and loving relationship with that particular person.

Something I have been praying for is coming to pass. I have been struggling with a particular relationship for several years now.  Most people do not know this, as I’ve kept it very close to my heart, and most who think they know me will make comically wrong assumptions.

Regardless of how much I’ve wanted a close relationship with this person, it hasn’t happened over the past few years.  If anything, they seemed to wander even farther away from me emotionally.  No matter how much I’d envisioned a close and loving relationship, it hasn’t happened. Whenever I made a move to bring us closer, they took two steps away.  In short, there was nothing I could do to force the relationship to be what I wanted it to be and what I knew it could be.

In the past two weeks, this has begun to change.  The difference hit practically overnight.  The other person reached a point in their life where they were ready to make a change in their relationships, a conscious change.  Immediately.  It was entirely up to them to make this change in mindset and it could not be forced.  It had to come from within them.  We are now starting to enjoy a new way of relating that’s very special and rewarding to me.

Did I do anything special to bring this special relationship to the forefront, this particular type of relationship with this particular person?  Yes.

  1. I loved them regardless of the distance and regardless of what they’d done.


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