Politics and Astrology, and the Presidential Campaign

McCain and Obama…Saturn and Uranus personified?

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Jim always has a little different perspective that I find very interesting.

In this edition, which he’s graciously given me permission to reprint here, he hits on several ideas that I found fascinating.  One was the idea ofthe future creating the present–an idea I explored here about a year ago in regard to reverse timelines and changing the past.  Another idea that I got such a kick out of was the idea of McCain’s old-school personality being very Saturn-like in nature whereas Obama (change, change, change) is so Uranus-like.

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“The Results of This Series of Shifts”

The eclipses have come and gone and all the forces that tend to create changes and shifts in momentum are complete. It’s going to be several months before the next significant changes will occur. This means that the new cycle will now have time to emerge and grow. During this period (especially the past two weeks), quite  a few significant things have changed in the world. Some of the major ones are these:

  1. The elections in Pakistan which have resulted in a large victory for the democratic forces in that country.
  2. Fidel Castro has turned over power to his brother and perhaps more in this situation will be developing.
  3. The Writer’s Guild strike ended after tremendous cost to many, many people.
  4. John McCain has become the presumptive nominee of the Republican party.
  5. And Barack Obama has turned everything on its heels with his lead in the Democratic race for delegates.

On Tuesday, one day before the lunar eclipse Obama won two state primaries which has put his winning streak to 11. What this is showing is that from an astrological perspective, I now believe that it is very likely that Barack Obama will win the nomination for President of the U.S. He has the momentum and when you listen to his speeches, there is a clear sense of certainty in him that tells us he knows he will win. Tonight in the debate with Hillary, it seemed as if she also can feel it. I’m referring to how she ended the debate. Amazing!

There is another reason why I believe this is true though. Astrology reveals a very different view of time than the one that is ordinarily accepted. The normal view is that time moves from past, to the present, and finally to the future. A kind of flow that has an implicit cause and effect relationship. This view regards the past as having a tremendous influence, perhaps a total one, on the present. But astrology takes a radically different stance. Astrology suggests to us that it is quite possible that it is the future that is creating the present. This turns everything on its head, doesn’t it? But the study of astrology leads most definitely to having to consider this. This relates to the 2008 election in the following way.

On election day, there is an exact Saturn opposition to Uranus. This aspect will occur 5 times over several years, and will bring about extremely significant changes on many levels. Whenever there is an opposition, two forces are in play and will fight it out until whatever re-balancing is needed occurs. Saturn rules experience, tradition, age, responsibility, and many other qualities that are embodied in John McCain. Just to listen to the content and tenor of any of his speeches is to listen to wise old Saturn lecturing us on what is right, what we need to do, and that he/she knows what we need, what is right, even if we don’t.

Uranus, on the other hand, is the embodiment of change, of coming from nowhere or out of left field and suddenly making a startling, shocking impact that upsets the apple cart, and all the traditions that preceded it. It is the planet of breakthrough and revolution. So, to know who will have to win the Democratic nomination, ask yourself who of the two remaining candidates represents Uranus? The Democratic candidate must represent Uranus because McCain definitely represents Saturn. The interesting thing about the past few weeks is that more and more Hillary Clinton has used Saturn terminology to distinguish herself from Barack. She emphasizes her experience, and repeatedly reminds us that she is ready to be President from ‘day one.’ More and more she has become the wiser, more experienced one. That’s not Uranus. She is Saturn. And please don’t infer that any of what I’m writing is a criticism of her. It’s a matter of who can properly play the role required by the planetary forces. Logically then if she were to get the nomination, it would be one type of Saturn running against another type of Saturn. That just won’t work. It is Obama that truly and most definitely carries the Uranian archetype. So, to me, in order for there to be a full expression of the coming Saturn opposition Uranus, Barack Obama will have to get the Democratic nomination. It is possible that there will be more surprises. Uranus certainly rules the unexpected, and trying to predict the unexpected is rather absurd. All I can present to our readers is how it seems the archetypes are playing out as of now. We are limited in our views and as I’ve said recently there is a vast Mystery always in play in life. So, let’s see what happens as this very dynamic drama, with very real consequences, plays out on our public stage.

All the Best,

Jim Sher


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