How the New Moon Solar Eclipse 8-9 March 2016 Might Affect You

March 2016 Eclipse chart

8 March 2016 Solar Eclipse chart for my hometown

All the scary info about the solar eclipse of 8-9 March 2016

Coming to this page late?  The greatest effect of the eclipse is usually within 3 days AFTER, and then 30 days after.

First, the basics.

Time and Date:

March 8-9, 2016;  begins 5:19 PM Central (here in NW Florida) on March 8th, maximum point at 7:59 PM. (Daylight savings time starts the following weekend.)


Total Solar eclipse

Where seen:

Total eclipse visible in parts of Indonesia and Pacific Ocean locations; partial eclipse in East Asia, South Asia, and Australia.

General predictions among astrologers:

Mixed but more positive than negative.  As always, negative and realistic astrologers tend to have more negative reports.  The more positive the mindset of the astrologer, the more positive the report.

Factors and Favorability:

In spite of the chaotic energies of Jupiter opposing the eclipse (maybe a bit of strain with that expansion or business empire?) and the long-standing Uranus-Pluto square that seems to reflect the polarity of almost every subject important to the global citizen and especially US politics. In the chart above, you see the square denoted by blue thumbtacks.  It’s a little scary for my hometown chart since Pluto is exact the IC–often a symbol of divorce or breaking up the home–and Uranus is conjunct the Descendent.  Vertex for my hometown chart (yellow thumbtack) is at the last few minutes of the last degree of Taurus, so maybe something’s about to change around here?   It’s noteworthy the eclipse (red thumbtack) is conjunct Chiron (green thumbtack), which is true for all of us, not just my hometown.  I take this to mean a focus on healing, though it could be a wounding that will result in a greater healing.  Those are always hard to tell because they’re so intricately tied together.  Sometimes you have to clean out an old wound for it to heal at last, and that can only be done by opening it up, but this conjunction has a feeling of healing amidst all the chaos.

Sign and Degree:

18 Pisces 56

Sabian symbol:

“A tent revival.”  There are several version of this, including “In a huge tent, a famous revivalist conducts his meeting with a spectacular performance” and “In a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance.”

Most recent related eclipses:

February 16, 1980 and February 26, 1998.

Big hint:  what was going on in your life then, assuming you were born before that time?

There’ll be some reflection in this eclipse.  Read Parallel Eclipses and How They Influence your Life (Part I)  for clues.   It’s not always a bad thing, so don’t immediately fret.

For me, in 1980, I was a high school senior, making big plans for college and a new beginning.  I was restless and so ready to get on with the newest stage of my life.

In 1998, I was trying my hand at writing romantic comedy because my first love, paranormal suspense, had fallen out of favor with publishers and everyone was trying chick-lit.  I was restless in my day job, too, and unhappy with my weasley boss.  I was making big preparations to move on to a new job, away from him, away from what I loved doing just because I couldn’t stand his unethical behavior any longer.  I was pushing hard, swimming upstream.   The lesson, if there was one, was to remember that all the new people in my new job didn’t necessarily know my strengths and so I came into the new job with more confidence than political savvy.  Life would have gone a lot smoother for me later if I’d known how to suck up…not that I would have, but at least I would have been prepared for saboteurs who saw me as after their jobs.  There’s definitely an echo of that in my current life.  Again, not that I’ll kowtow.  I am who I am and I’m not willing to change myself into something I’m not just to play politics.  And that’s fine as long as I’m consistent with how I take on new assignments.  Romantic comedy was an interesting exercise but not my strength.   I relented when it came to my personal/artistic side and stood firm when it came to my day job.  I got beat up on both accounts.

What lessons did you miss last time that you need to know now?

Saros Series:

130 — This series consists of 73 eclipses starting in 1096 and ending in 2394.

How it may affect you personally

You will be most affected by this eclipse if you have a planet at 19 Pisces or within a few degrees of either side.  For a detailed explanation of how houses where the eclipse occurs and conjunct planets to the eclipse will influence you, take a look at these articles and apply the information to the current eclipse.

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How the November 2011 New Moon (Solar) Eclipse Might Affect You (Part 3 of 3)

In my case, for example,  I have a feeling this is going to be really major eclipse for me in the area of romance or possibly creativity–though creativity is consistently part of my daily life.  No, this feels more like a herald for speeding up the coming of a major relationship.  Why?   Because this eclipse occurs in my 5th house of romance/creativity/children.  The eclipse is conjunct my natal Venus (romance, creativity, finances, children).  Transiting Chiron (healing) is also conjunct my Venus for much of this year, and has so far brought a rather sudden splurge of  creativity and new love interests into my life.  There’s a turn toward healing that has been missing for several years.

Take a look at your own chart and see what’s highlighted as far as planets and house.   What’s bubbling in the background for you?


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