Applied Astrology: Eighth House Sun, Month #5’s Rebirth

8th House Solar Return

Bottom line up front?   Month 5 of my third 8th House Sun year was not about death and endings but new beginnings, albeit in a different way than I had expected.

I remember, in the last 8th House year, being hit with life-altering news in the first 6 weeks, and then the rest of the year was mostly about recovering from my the devastation.  This year seems to be following the same pattern.

I cannot discuss every detail of the 8th House’s effect on the different sectors of my life, but two in particular are worth noting, and though both were being killed off in the first few months of this year, they are coming back to life in a different and satisfying way.


The first is these is the romance/relationship sector.  During the first 3 or 4 months of the Solar Year, I had 3 opportunities to restart very old relationships, ones from many years ago  and of different degrees of bonding, where the guy walked away for career reasons or for purely selfish reasons that hurt me tremendously. It makes me angry–there is no other emotion I can attach to it–when they return out of nowhere, wanting to take up where they left off and all the grief they cause be forgiven.  They don’t get it.  When  a man leaves my life for reasons other than me wanting him out of my life, there’s a narrow window for us to mend the relationship and continue.  Returning a few years later after the bond has been severed and I’ve moved on doesn’t get the results these men want.  I’m not overjoyed to see them again and running across some manicured field to fling myself into their arms.  I’ve moved on.  Energetically, the bond is no longer there, and that takes work for me to cut.  Once done, it’s rare that it can grow back in the way it was before.   Maybe these guys are used to women they’ve left behind being thrilled to take them back, but not me.   If I want someone back in my life, then that person tends to come back into my life, in some form. But when I’m done, I’m done.

I’m not one of those people whose 8 best friends are all past lovers from past relationships.  If the relationship is fulfilling and I feel bonded with that person, then the relationship doesn’t end.  That’s the stuff of which I’m made. So when I don’t want to be with a person any longer, I’m done.  Done.

When a deep and fulfilling relationship ended at the beginning of the second month of the solar year for reasons that neither of us wanted, I was not “done” emotionally but I resigned myself to the loss of the relationship.  In most cases, I would have cut that person out of my life, but the genuine caring between us meant that I was, surprisingly, willing to remain friends, even with no hope of a future together.  I would never have dreamed that we could redefine our relationship as platonic friends, and still share this depth of affection for each other.

It’s not everything that I want, but it is so much more than I have ever had with any other friend.

Creativity/Writing/PublishingLife Coaching Tips

A couple of months ago, I was being asked to give up my writing, which is about as difficult as giving up my breathing.   I was being pushed into a corner where I had a choice I couldn’t bear.  I thought my Secret Lives of Librarians series was going to have to be pulled.  I thought I would never be allowed to publish again without specific permission for every page.  I thought I might have to give up posting essays and articles on my blogs and websites.   But something changed.

For six weeks, I’ve been furloughed, meaning I was allowed to work only 32 hours a week instead of 40, 50, 69, 75, whatever it took to get the job done.  Being forced by law to curtail my hours in non-writing career meant I suddenly had a home life.  I had time to start writing again, time to promote again, time to go back and pick up all the things I’d set aside due to lack of time minutes in a day.

So my comatose writing career woke up.

I have spent most of my furloughed six weeks catching up with changes in marketing trends over the last several years since I’ve had a spare moment to look at them.  I’m slowly but regularly making changes to my websites, updating books, restarting my mailing lists, editing and writing again.  I have big plans for my website, my books, even starting a podcast on a subject no one else seems to have touched but will be of interest to my current readers.

It’s more than a resurrection because it’s not just the thing that died or nearly died that is brought back to life.   This is regeneration at its finest.   It’s everything I lost come back to me and more.

So that’s the theme I’m seeing at this point in my 8th House year:  regeneration, resurgence, the budding and blooming of a new phase of life, at least in particular sectors of my life.  Who knows?  Maybe there’ll be a beautiful regeneration in every sector.


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