Channeling Insights: Signs of the Real Deal

Most people hear the term channeling and immediately think eitherfraudor nutcase. Or maybe both.  Sometimes they think possession, which is probably the scariest impression.

Channeling, from what I’ve observed, is a way of tapping into deeper insights, whether the person doing the channeling interprets them as being from the Higher Self,  a dark but highly evolved corner of the brain, a spirit guide, or some sort of alien entity.  Honestly, I don’t care so much about how the person perceives the insights they share as I do the message they have to offer.

I’ll include of few of my favorites in this post, by the way. RuneHealing’s new channeling videos are now up on Youtube, though you may already be familiar with his meditations to clear negativity and his energy work videos.

As an observer, I’ve noted a few things about people who channel that have helped me distinguish real from fraud.

  1. The message itself tends to contain information or insights that the person wouldn’t normally know or know how to express. I’ve seen teens do this, and there is just no way they would ever know such information on their own. Sometimes it’s private information; sometimes it’s very wise insights. It’s amusing to hear a 14-year-old deliver an incredibly beautiful and insightful message and then ask the adults present what it means. The real-deal folks tend to be very consistent in their messages.  I’ve followed the teachings of one particular channeler for the last decade and the message never falters, unlike with just about every other teacher or preacher I’ve know whose message changes at least slightly as they grow and change as individuals.  The source of the information, whether Higher Self or  guide or what, very definitely seems to be a different personality to me, at least in the cases where I know the channeler well. Not radically different but at least as different as a sibling or twin.
  2. Very often, the voice and sometimes vocabulary will change. Those who listen to Esther Hicks of Abraham-Hicks when she channels are familiar with the change in voice to a clipped “Good morning” of “Abraham.”  To me, the vocal change has been the most notable difference in people I’ve known personally who do this.  I can tell they are tapped in or hooked in or connected to this source of insights when their voices change, usually to something lower and with a different tenor or texture.  I’ve worked with new channelers who were completely unaware of the vocal change until I brought it to their attention.

  1. Often, but not every time, I will notice a change in the channeler’s eyes.  I’ve seen pupils widen many times.  Other times, they stare at a spot in space, lost in a trance-like meditative state.  Again, this isn’t every time, but for a couple of people I know well, it’s been a startling thing to witness and usually matches the vocal change.

Do I channel?  Hmmm, not in the sense I describe above, but I understand it moreso as a writer and often…as a very good friend.

I have written books that felt like SERVICE.  Like a mission.  I had to workat those books.  Other books, I have felt as if I was tapping in to something that was both deep within or far outside myself. When my Lauren Hartford writing team decided to put together our pagan/Universal Law “instructional novel,”   Fire Burning in Water, I finished my part of the novel in a matter of days, with almost no editing required for my part.  The words just rushed out onto the page with no pre-planning.  It was more like transcribing the story as someone else told me, even though I didn’t hear words….just knew the next thing.   I could not hold back.  I HAD to write, even though I didn’t know what was coming next.  My part of the story was not exactly uplifting (it’s an alternate reality with some retro-causal theory thrown in), and I found that my part of the story was upsetting to me.  While I was writing it, I could not get a long-lost friend out of my mind.   A very bizarre experience for me!   As a group, we decided to change up my  part of the story just a little but it’s still essentially as I received (?) and wrote it.  About 2 years later, I received news on my old friend and his disturbing situation.  Almost everything I had written had come true for him in the month before the news and secrets I had never expected played out just as they had in the book.

Was I channeling a spirit guide or alien entity?  Um, not that I’m aware of!  Maybe it was just a matter of tapping into something I recognized about that person at a subconscious level and letting it out before I was willing to recognize his secrets and addictions on a conscious level.

The way I most commonly am accused of channeling is when I’m writing a heartfelt letter, usually an email because I have awful penmanship and keyboards let me move fast.  Sometimes, it’s like I have to say something to them and don’t know what’s coming out.  I simply start typing and hit send when I’m done…and find out later that I’ve freaked them out a bit because I’ve told them something way too personal that I didn’t know and given them help with a situation that I had no idea existed.  I do have to be careful with that in my novels, because I will have someone on my mind while I write and later will be accused of spilling their secrets when they’ve never  told me.

Again, I don’t really consider those examples to be channeling in the way we normally think of channeling.  It’s just a feeling of “must…write…this…now.”   Then I write stinging or unusual insights. My voice is my writing voice and yes, I do get intently focused and trance-like when I’m writing like crazy, so maybe it is.

But think about it.  We all probably tap into that insightful source–wherever it originates–more than we realize.  Some capture that in video; others in writing.  I’m sure artists and musicians do the same.  It’s a flow of creative energy to me, but I’d love to hear from more scientific minds on how they express “channeled” thoughts.


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