Waiting on the Thunder: A Romantic Suspense Novel Exploring Christian Faith

Much of my fiction, even my hardcore suspense novels, has a spiritual bent to it.  For me, writing is a great way to immerse myself in different belief systems and explore different questions and different facets of answers through the lens of spirituality, whether it’s Christian-themed or the characters are Wiccan High Priestesses.  It’s been part of my spiritual practice for years, and this novel is one of the first in that exploration.

In WAITING ON THE THUNDER,available for your kindle or kindle app, I explored the themes of faith, whether it’s faith in yourself, which the hero has lost, or faith in God, which is what’s happened with Megan.  Having been a good church girl all her life, she left her hometown after her husband and best friend betrayed her, and she’s been licking her wounds ever since.

So what happens when you pray and the answer isn’t yes?  What happens when you ask but don’t receive?  Sometimes, the answer isn’t no, but  it’s just not the right time to receive what you asked for.

This novel really embodies that theme for me.

In the early 1990’s, I read about a Southern judge who, known for his “creative punishments,” sentenced a man convicted of sexual assault to live in a community known for its unappealing women.  As with many things that touch my life, that story sparked an idea for a novel.

I originally wrote the novel for an editor at a major New York publishing house, but when she left for a new assignment, the manuscript was lost in the shuffle and—disappointingly—was never published.   For years, it’s been sitting on an old hard drive because it was considered too religious or too spiritual for the market I wrote it for.  But in cleaning off an old computer before donating it, I re-discovered the fully-edited-and-ready-to-publish book, with instructions to remove the Christian references.

If this book had been published on schedule, many of the spiritual elements would have been edited out of the final version.  The time wasn’t right for it then.  But I do believe it is now.

Waiting on the Thunder is Christian-themed without being preachy, and contains elements of violence,  death, sexuality outside marriage, and the usual high body count found in my suspense novels.


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