Moon Conjunct Vertex

Applied Astrology: Moon Conjunct Vertex

A personal journey unveils how tracking emotional changes and Moon Conjunct Vertex transits offer insights into unexpected mood swings.

A few days ago, in spite of everything in my life being absolutely fantastic, I hit a couple of days of unexpected emotional turmoil.  There was just no way to explain it and I couldn’t shake it for a day or two.

As usual, I like to experiment and explore the scientific side of things when I can.  My relationship with my boyfriend has turned me into a “data whore” in this regard as we log a number of daily stats as part of our health regimen and goals.  It is through this collection of data over the last year or so that I have been able to uncover my exact food sensitivities and lost approximately 30 pounds in a matter of months.

It’s also because of that extensive data collection that I have records of unexplained mood swings.  I’ve noticed that I’m most likely to have an unexpected change in feelings (emotions) when I have a  Moon Conjunct Vertex transit.  This is the transiting moon conjunct my natal vertex.   Of course, that happens about once a month.  It’s vital for me when I have such influences (astrological weather) that I don’t make any impatient decisions or send any scathing break-up letters.  I’ll certainly regret it in a couple of days when my emotions (Moon) are past that turning point (Vertex).

As I’ve discussed in other articles on the Vertex, Moon-Vertex conjunctions are very powerful in regard to emotions, whether it’s a Moon transit every month or a conjunction in your progressed chart.  The monthly transits tend to be more like “hiccups’ in my emotional structure, whereas in the progressed chart, they are more like earthquakes that change my feelings drastically, making me very aware of something or someone and often portending either falling head over heels in love or a heartbreak.  On a few occasions, my feelings for someone or something have just…made a 180-degree turn, sort of like a light switch suddenly turned off or on.

So check your current transits and your progressed charts (and your solar return chart) at and see what your astrological weather looks like–and where that Moon and Vertex are.

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