A Seasonal Review: What Were the Most Satisfying Moments of Autumn 2010?

A to-go lunch at one of my favorite parks, only 5 minutes from work. Copyright by Lorna Tedder.

Back on the 24th of August,  I emulated my dear friend Maggie Shayne and posted a seasonal review of the summer–not any of the hardships or turbulence  but the most satisfying moments of the summer.  Now that Autumn has passed and the frigid Florida weather has arrived (yes, it’s dipped several times into the low 20’s–uncharacteristic for this area), it’s time to look back on the season and think about the best of it.

Whereas the summer was about building and strengthening my foundation, this fall has been about preparing for big changes in my work life, my home life, and my romantic life.  Not that any of those changes have happened, but instead the season was a constant reminder of both the endings and beginnings of my younger daughter leaving home in 2011 and what it means for me personally, emotionally, and financially.   New doors are opening and I have to decide…eventually…which ones to step through.  Switch jobs?  Move to a new home?  Move to a new city?  Give my heart away again?  Travel internationally?  All of the above?

So this season has been about

recalibrating and preparing myself emotionally for the possibilities before me–the ones that are in every way both exciting and terrifying.  The best of the season has really been focused on two things:  relationships and spiritual gifts.

On the relationship front, a new friendship has probably had the most impact and given me, in spite of some turbulence, the most satisfying moments of the past four months.  Hands down.  I have laughed, I have been delighted, I have been intrigued, I have been challenged, and I have been touched.  Through extremely intelligent conversation and plumbing some difficult emotional depths that have been off-limits for quite a while, he has helped me to fine-tune what it is I want at this point in my life.  He has become my best friend in a way a man has never been my best friend before, and I’m so grateful to have him in my life.  That’s the outcome, at least, but the journey has had many sweet moments.  It’s immensely satisfying to be able to give someone my trust and know that he knows me better–even if he doesn’t understand me any better–than anyone else in my life…ever.  He is closer to me than any lover has ever been, and this fact amazes me.

The spiritual gifts have been just as satisfying over the autumn months.   There have been beautiful moments of intuition and understanding, and I’ve made some leaps in my application of The Teachings of Abraham.  I’ve had some moments where I was thrown way off course but made it back to my path rather quickly and regained my serenity faster than I ever have in the past.  I came to understand how well I’ve brought certain things into my life and that I can bring them in again, that I’ll be just fine–no matter what.

Flying By Night novel

So in hindsight, this season has been about feeling adored and appreciated and loved by the Universe while figuring out a last few things for myself, practicing them even badly at times but coming through it better, and allowing others to go through their own painful growth periods to figure out their own happiness.  After all this, I am anticipating an eventful Winter season.


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