Spiritualizing your Workout: Moving Stagnant Energy

Whew! What a workout! Drenched after a very active hour-long session, exhausted, and yet feeling really, really good.

Whether you spend most of your days behind a desk and evenings lounging on a couch in front of the TV…or you’re dealing with way too much stress and drama….or you’re feeling dulled by depression, it helps to move that stagnant energy out of your body.  Most people familiar with New Age and metaphysical tools know that Reiki and massage are good ways to move energy around in the body and get your “chi” flowing again.

Physical exercise can also routinely and regularly move energy within the body.  Heart-pumping, deep-breathing cardio, active yoga poses, resistance training, kick-boxing, bellydancing, team sports–they can all stir you on a physical and cellular level.

Spiritualize your workouts by thinking of how the exercise of your body-as-a-temple is energy that is brought to life within it, purified, moved around, and charged.  Get rid of your stiffness and sludgy feelings not just by moving your body, but moving the energy inside it.

Thinking in terms of “energy” and clearing it, getting it to flow?  So much better than dreading a visit to the gym.


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