Un-Short-Changing Myself for 28 Days

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

I’ve often heard that it takes 28 days for a new habit to take effect or for you to really see the effects of a new habit.


Since new moons are about beginnings and moons are 28-day cycles, I have developed 3 intentions for this new moon (and I’ll reassess at the full moon and then again at the next new moon). Just 3. That’s all. Not my usual 300 or even 30. Nice, simple 3.

These are all in the are of taking care of myself physically, which is something I often fail to do because there’s so much to be done and when I scrimp on time, I’m the one who ends up short-changed.

  1. 1 hour a day of powerwalking, either as with Shannon or on the treadmill. Regardless. I’ve been letting my schedule get in the way of this and I can’t afford to let that happen. Must reclaim my hour and keep my legs strong.
  2. 100 ounces of water a day. (That should help with the walking!) I also tend to let myself get dehydrated, which I never realized until I was pregnant with Aislinn and went into premature labor. Since then, it’s been obvious. Not that I always do it, but I’ve been at my healthiest when I was doing 100 ounces a day. So, okay, I can have coke or wine or whatever but I must still have 100 ounces.

Life Coaching Tips

  1. A new skin-care regimen. Another place I shortchange myself. There are 3 products I’ve been ecstatic over in the past 2 years. (If you’re over 35, email me privately and I’ll share.) I stopped the first one when I was sick for a month with a throat infection and I misplaced the bottle, and honestly did not care at the time). The other 2, I started back in September and saw immediate results (well, within 24 hours) and the best results within 3 weeks, but I ran out several months ago and can tell the difference now that I let the regimen drop.

So if I’m reinventing myself this month, as Obi-Wan claims I am, let’s just see what happens!


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