Results of Yesterday’s Directed Energy Experiment

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

To all of you who participated in yesterday’s experiment, thank you! I’d promised I would share what I noted.


Many of my readers are energy workers or, at least, have a working knowledge of how to manipulate energy. Others are simply kind-hearted people who are in a similar place in their lives and find it meaningful to read experiences from like-minded people. Often, we speak of praying for one another, thinking good thoughts for one another, and/or “sending energy” to each other when times are hard. For just over two years, I’ve been working with my empathic gift and learning to understand the nature of “energetic connections” through my readings on Tesla and various physicists as well as spiritual leaders and metaphysical circles. If we humans are truly pockets of energy in a vast sea of energy with patterns and waves of energy moving among us and through us, then it’s easier to see scientifically how some spiritual practices work.

I asked my readers who wanted to participate to pause for a moment when they read my post and send a good thought or energy or whatever in my direction or try to make an energetic connection with me. If they remembered a specific good moment with me, then to think on it or whatever made them smile about me. I’ve had such energetic connections before and they each have a different “signature.” Obi-Wan has a total sense of Higher Love when she connects to do spiritual work, just a whoosh through me that makes me have to set aside anything else I’m working on because it’s so warm and friendly. There are others that are like a swimmy, floaty feeling in my sixth chakra. Or a welling up in my heart. Or a punch to my solar plexus. Edain McCoy and I have done a little spiritual work in this area, too, and she feels like a fire burning across prairie grass.

I chose a Thursday, a rather bland day, because I wasn’t under the stress of a major deadline or anticipating anything very exciting. I knew my emotions would be on an even keel, as was my stress level and anything else that might interfere with a sense of calm with which to discern any energies directed at me. I kept protective filters up against any energies of ill-intent and “shields down” to all else. Yes, the human antennae thing, just picking up communication signal patterns just like with satellite technology (I work with rocket scientists and physicists in my day job, remember?) I noted all connections I felt as well as general moods throughout the day (I don’t generally have very fast mood swings so I can stay in a particular mood for many hours, days even), writing down the times. I didn’t just sit and wait—I kept very busy and intent with my regular day but whenever I felt a definitive connection, it was strong enough to pull my attention away from daily activities and to note it as a connection or energy pattern. I recorded my impressions when possible so that I could look at my IP traffic, comments, and emails afterward, though I have many readers who use feed aggregators to keep up with me and quite a few who check my journal morning, noon, and night (literally) for the latest post (which is cool except when it’s your cousins who think they’re spying on you and learning things you don’t want them to know).

Note that I don’t normally stay this “open” to receiving energy patterns. My nerves wouldn’t be able to handle them. But it’s also part of teaching myself what to take in and what to keep out, and of everything that came yesterday, what came through was what I allowed to come through.

Overall, the day was unexpectedly…very upbeat. No particular reason for it but there was an undercurrent of positive energy that seemed to buoy me up throughout the entire day. It reminded me in many ways of the “prayers” I’ve felt when my dad was in ICU years ago and the well wishes I felt from friends right after he died. Sort of a surreal sense of being. Definitely a sense of assistance. I think we usually know this energy is there, sent to us, when we lose someone or have a major illness to contend with but I’m not sure we really recognize it then at a conscious level because our focus is on getting through the catastrophe, not on how the energy feels or recording it from a more analytical, more objective viewpoint without the sharpest emotions involved.

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Specific readers posted or emailed me, which coincided with energy patterns I had felt and recorded. Hermitwoods, for example, has such a warmth and glow, and she definitely sent that energy with intent to send it. Very strong.

Others I knew were “there” through visual flashes, which I didn’t expect. Kittyn_Moon showed up at a gleaming red crystal block of light, almost like an ambulance light whirling behind the crystal…and—I have no idea why—a green and silver car that felt foreign, maybe British…sturdy, well-built, substantial, unique.

Some I felt as just a warm smile, late last night, like the young Knight of Pentacles, the boy who is a little stuck right now but once he starts moving will have the power to manifest very intensely. Somehow I think “Stand back, stand back” will become his mantra.

There were two extremely strong episodes that blew me away. Neither time did the person self-identify but they were the strongest of the connections.

The first was in the morning. Because the kids had been at a late concert and I had work to do after they went to bed, I slept in a couple of hours after I got them off to school. I woke to a tremendous sense of euphoria that hung around for quite a while. (I don’t get euphoric in the mornings when I want to sleep, thank you.) Just waves of it that lasted for at least 30 minutes. I don’t know how to explain it except as an energy orgasm and even that’s not quite right. Just a lovely, lovely feeling of being loved and appreciated. So whoever sent that one, thank you oh-so-much!

The other notable episode was in the mid-to-late afternoon timeframe and was displaced a little later by Hermitwoods’ connection, which was definitely a different energy pattern. I was in the middle of a fairly boring legal review at the time and not thinking about the experiment when I got a wave of energy that made me stop what I was doing and take note immediately. It seemed to be a mix of anxiety and acute embarrassment. I couldn’t make sense of this one. It wasn’t a murky energy or one that was ill-intended, but it was a rather conflicted energy and the only anxious one that got through all day.

All in all, some interesting observations that I can’t scientifically prove for anyone else because there’s not a scientific device that records the kind of data I feel. Does it matter that it can’t be quantified? Not to me. And if you’ve experienced energy this way—or prayer or good thoughts or whatever you choose to call it—then you probably don’t care what the skeptics say either. You know from your own personal gnosis what’s real. The most I can do is try to understand this in a situation that isn’t tainted by my emotions or frantic actions in times of catastrophe, and record what I experience.


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