Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

The Universe takes care of me in odd little ways. Sometimes it’s like have a personal assistant or a keeper when I’m otherwise too frazzled to either remember or to figure out what I need to be doing. Most of my recent examples have to do with electronics, I suppose, but then that’s easily manipulated energy.


While the girls were at their dad’s, I took care of some yard work, including planting some impatiens in pots on the backyard patio. That meant trips to the front and back yards, sometimes through the house and sometimes around the corner of the house. In the process of carrying heavy items, I left the kitchen door unlocked and forgot all about it. Around midnight, the it’s-dry-now beeper on the clothes dryer in the laundry room went off. I thought that was really weird when I heard it because I hadn’t done laundry since the day before and the dryer was empty. But when the alarm went off, I went to check it out—and found the door next to it wide open to the dark street. I hadn’t closed the door all the way earlier and a vacuum had forced it open, with me unaware. No other errant alarm in the house would have sent me to the open door. And no, there was no logical reason for the dryer alarm.

The alarm clocks in the house had not been set, but a few minutes after they were due to go off and didn’t, the phone rang. Just once. Nothing recorded on my Caller ID. Just a simple ring that was enough to get me out of bed so I didn’t miss an important meeting.

Some people, you can’t just tell to leave for fear of becoming a CNN headline about uncivil servants shooting each other. A colleague who probably doesn’t take his meds on a regular basis and sometimes makes me a little nervous when he comes to hang out uninvited in my office (yes, they give us laminated cards to carry with us so we know how to deal with violent co-workers!) was ready to take up permanent residence in my doorway after hours when my cell phone rang—very loudly in an unfamiliar burst, and my dum-de-dum-dum ringtone is usually rather quiet. It was enough for him to think someone was calling and go bother someone else. Only it wasn’t a call but an alarm I’d set and deleted at least two years ago. The alarm told me it was 6:32 AM on 1 August 2007, which is over 3 months away. The time on the phone was correct, however. Just an out-of-the-blue errant bell that saved me.

Life Coaching Tips

So when Obi-Wan warned me that I was actually moving a little too fast with getting Lauren Hartford’s “Fire Burning in Water,” to the printer’s and that something was missing, we went back over it yet again and added a little more. I’d finally decided to stop obsessing and just send the file to the printer and was minutes away from doing so when an alarm I didn’t expect sent me back to my secondary computer one more time. I hadn’t intended to check email at that point but I read Kittyn_Moon’s post about retrocausal theories and bi-directional time. Ah, the major missing element! The book is about changing the future and the past, and yet Lauren had not fully explained how it’s done or, in my opinion, given enough of an answer grounded in quantum mechanics. It means a few extra days while Lauren revises and we reformat, but it’s really another saved by the bellexample.


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