Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree and Rising.

“You are working miracles,” Obi-Wan told me a few days ago, “with quiet love and spirituality and beauty.”


It’s funny that she’d say that. She doesn’t know I wear the silver band on my right hand that says “Allow Miracles.” I thought I was just allowing them rather than working them, but maybe it’s the same thing.

“If you get a chance to speak your truth through any interviews, do it!” she suggested. She said she got a flash of someone sticking a microphone in my face. She said a lot of good would come to me through such interviews in the very near future. She didn’t say how near and I shrugged it off.

I don’t do a lot of interviews these days, but they suddenly seem more prevalent with several requests for email interviews on my books. Out of the blue, I had the glowing and beautifully written interview with the Bay Beacon—several pages worth and with color pics of my altars—focusing on me being the witch next door (I’ll scan it and post it later). So far, no one’s burned a cross on my front lawn (against the homeowners’ covenants, I believe) and the neighbors have actually been friendlier to me than ever before.

Today that interview brought me a new acquaintance who’d been drawn to me through that news feature. I’m very, very slowly putting together a new spiritual circle but being careful to get the right mix of people. We’ve yet to meet (flu and tragedies) and I’m very sure about a couple of them as a good blend of energy and maturity (C, yes, that includes you!) I’d rather have a small group with the right energy than a few dozen fluffy debaters.

Flying By Night novel

The other interview this week is the most amusing event so far. A very enthusiastic reporter with the Wall Street Journal contacted me 48 hours after Obi-Wan’s prognostication and interviewed me the next day. Not on my books, spirituality, fencing techniques, or any of the usual stuff that makes the papers but on a subject related to my financial parenting skills. What a hoot!

The funny part is that my ex is a banker and daily devourer of the Journal(I’m actually more of a Kiplinger fan), and I think he’d have been really tickled to say he was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal while I wouldn’t have cared. Instead, I’m the one who’s tickled because it was such an odd thing manifesting out of the blue—and based on what the reporter had read in my blog. Very cool.


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