The Best Way to Look Great?

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

Isn’t it terrific when someone says something at the exact moment you need to hear it to recognize the truth of it?

Attract Him Back

Twice this week, I hosted training sessions at work, and twice received unexpected compliments. These are my colleagues, people I see anywhere from once an hour to once a year, but in general, they know who I am and I don’t go out of my way to dress up for them or put on party manners. I’m simply Lorna as Usual and all that that entails.

The first day, I heard several compliments that made me think twice, though I most appreciated someone else’s appreciation for my choice of purples. Still, I hadn’t planned for this particular session and had stepped in at the last moment to help someone else, completely unprepared and not at all dressed for a professional presentation.

On the second day, just as I was taking the floor and quieting the crowd, a woman near the front of the room jerked her head up and exclaimed, “You look great!”

I have to admit, it surprised me. I’m dying my hair either red or dark brown tonight, most of my makeup was still on the dresser at home, and I wore something comfortable and velvet rather than cookie-cutter career-girl. I might have thought she was joking or maybe even suspicious that she might be trying to bribe me into getting her work reviewed more quickly, but she was quite serious and I finished our project together more than a month ago. She’s seen me several times in the past month. She’s known me for 20 years, and has definitely seen me under prettier, younger, and thinner circumstances. I guess my surprise showed through.

“No, really,” she said. “You look really good.” Then she paused, as if trying to place what it was. “You look…happy.”

The funny thing is, I realized when she said it that yes, I am happy. I’m trying not to put attachments on what “happy” looks like or what qualifies as having the right things in my life for me to be “happy,” but I wasn’t particularly smiling or joking around. I was simply content, getting things done, in charge of the action, okay with all of it.

Some people call that a “glow.” I wasn’t paying any special attention to my appearance.

Just think of all the cosmetics empires that would go broke if more women were happy….


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