A Crystal Clear Connection

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

After a short but enjoyable talk with my Gemini distraction and a dessert of yummy blueberry muffins Shannon baked, the general sense of antsiness I’ve had since the eclipse last weekend seemed a little mellower. But only a little and not for long.

Attract Him Back

I’d managed to get a couple of minor chores out of the way when I touched a box under the Light Altar and got zapped. This box has been there for a couple of months, when I put away some sentimental items I no longer wanted to keep but didn’t have the heart to throw away.

My hands started tingling and I knew I had to open the box. My third chakra started doing flip-flops. I had forgiven and released everything in this box, said goodbye to it, and then left it in the dark, boxed up and walled off like in a crypt awaiting resurrection. It seems, like Samson growing hair without his sight, to have regained its strength.

Two new moons ago, I made descent into hell. One new moon ago, I accepted a specific challenge that I expected to end with something very final, most definitely a death of sorts. This full moon, to my amazement, there’s a rebirth. It’s that challenge from last month and the results, and they’ve shifted 180-degrees from what I’d expected. In the darkness of that box, something has been reborn.

Slowly, I removed each item from the box and arranged them a little differently in my home. The last item I took out was a crystal I’d carefully wrapped and made sure it was safely untouched. Two months ago, the crystal had been all but dead. There had been nothing left in it but sadness and the shadow of sorrow.

Tonight, it zapped my hand when I touched it. Like an electrical wire. Somehow in the darkness, it had been purged and re-energized.

The crystal did not look the same as it did two moons ago. I took it to my desk lamp near my computer and examined it under the bright light. I have no idea what to make of it or what it means.

It’s grown in the darkness. All points. Some of the edges are sharp, but it’s definitely new growth. (It grew quite a bit last fall when I was wearing it.) One of the smaller-growing points is no longer there, and it almost appears as a shiny scar on the crystal, but it wasn’t broken off either. It’s more like it was absorbed. The other smaller points have become more prominent.

For a long while, especially late last summer and the early autumn, the crystal turned cloudy, murky. It no longer seems fogged but there are definitely “ghosts” inside the crystal now. Phantoms, as some people call the visual effects. And one side is definitely clearer than before.

One of the main prongs of the crystal, the one that has cleared so, has an odd crack inside, deep, with a pretty bubble that almost looks like a heart. The crack disturbs me, but it’s not a crack along the fault-line or between this main point and one of the others. This particular portion of the crystal has a very specific meaning to me. It’s not shattered but it’s like the crack is from the growth inside and it never connects to the surface except by the light that catches it.

I have no idea what to make of this, except that the difference is both visible and energetic.


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