Sometimes You Just Don’t Need a Good Psychic

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

I talk a lot about psychic awareness and intuition, but the truth is, for a lot of people, you don’t need psychic abilities. They’re so predictable that you know what they’re going to do even before they do.

Attract Him Back

If it weren’t so hurtful sometimes, it would really be amusing to watch. Some of these people, I’ve seen working things behind the scenes, manipulating, arranging, slyly approaching under other pretext, and then bam, there it is in the open as if they just happened upon it.

Have you ever had a relative who calls you out of the blue “just to chat” and your first thought is “what do you want this time?” You don’t think something like that because they call once a week “just to chat” or to check in on your health. You think that because you haven’t heard from them in months or years even and the last time (and the time before that, and the time before that) was to borrow money or to help them bury a body or something.

Of course, if you answer “Hello?” and then, upon knowing who it is, you say, “What do you want?” well, then they get all offended-like. As in, highly indignant. How dare you think that!

So you stay quiet, polite, let them ramble about nothing for about 8 minutes and then they’ll inevitably mention something they really, really need from you. Free, usually. But not guilt-free.

My only source of amusement this past week has been watching people reappear in my life under certain pretenses. (For those of you who’ve sent me private emails and are concerned, if you have any doubts I’m talking about you, you’re probably not anyone I’m talking about! This is mostly from off-line people or at least people pretending to be off-line.) In at least three cases this week, I’ve told the girls I’d be hearing from these people any day now, any minute. Not a matter of manifesting but a matter of knowing based on past patterns. It’s been funny to watch it happen.

For example, a colleague is in trouble again. Same thing she’s often in trouble about. I know about this because her boss talks too loudly and the walls are thin. I also know, without the benefit of clairvoyance, that she’ll be calling me for help and she’ll want me to drop the three big reviews I’m working on to help her, even if it means I have to work the weekend to meet my deadlines.

When she does call, she tries to play it off as something it’s not, and when I ask point-blank, she tells me I’m insane, that she’d never do that.


Which is fine because I just can’t break away from my other reviews to help her, and I’m tired of her shit. Let her go lie to someone else who might pull her ass out of the fire.

And for example, a woman I’ve not heard from in years calls me out of the blue and leaves a message. I’d said last week, I bet I hear from her.


Because a mutual friend had some very bad news and she’s curious about its effect on me and what details I might be able to spare. To her, it’s just a call out of the blue to see how I’m doing after all this time, idle chit-chat about the kids and the dogs. To me, I know that before I hang up, she’ll have broached a painful subject. Is it my intuition? No. Just a pattern. That’s exactly how it was the last time I heard from her. Deja vu.

People who spend years focused on certain patterns of activity, patterns I’ve witnessed when I was in their good graces and was appalled at even then, will deny those patterns with great swoops of drama and indignance. Even when the physical proof is right there. That’s when they like to tell me that my intuition is wrong or my imagination is wild.

Some patterns are so set that you really don’t need a good psychic to know what’s next.


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