Flat Out: You’re Wrong

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

No. What has happened is not reason to “expect nothing.” Grief and loss on my part do not mean you were “right.” My life is not an argument for your entertainment, nor should it be your hobby.

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I am still working toward manifesting joy in my life, and I still know what I want.  This is a bump, a very big bump, in the road  and it’ll take time to work through, but it’s not “proof” that my best course is to “expect nothing” out of life, to lower my standards and expectations and accept whatever (law of attractionly) items/events/people/situations,  that  are of lower standards and expectations, may come. Because expecting crap will certainly bring it. And expecting nothing will certainly bring it. And I’ve had enough of the crap and I’ve had enough of the nothing.

Manifesting and manipulating are two different things. Manifesting is directed at the end result—joy, prosperity, whatever—and manipulating is directed at making it happen exactly your way and controlling every detail through guilt, pushing, threatening, whatever you need to get your way. If I’m “expecting nothing,” then that certainly leaves a wide open door for someone else’s manipulation to come into play. I like to let people be who they are and do their own thing (as much as I can), so this is a danger in manifesting that kind of free-being world because not everyone will work to create that which is in agreement with the world I want. And that’s the paradox of manifesting an environment where everyone can be who they really are. Voids get filled, one way or another.

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So I’m not “expecting nothing” and I’m not seeing the “errors of my ways” for not living my life as you think I should and are so control-freakingly determined to see me do. I am expecting everything and most of all, I’m expecting miracles and I’m allowing them to come.

However, if you choose to live your life by the theme of expecting “nothing” for yourself—and for me— then please, by all means, go do it. Just do it some place far from me.


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