Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

The Universe has been taking care of some odd little money issues for me recently. I’m amazed and excited. It also involves a different mindset of not expecting the worst.

Attract Him Back

For the past couple of weeks, these little goodies have been almost a regular occurrence. There was the $200 toilet tank lid for free, for example. Then there was a software program that I was being forced to buy—at around $400—but I was able to find a super deal on it for $250 provided I waited for shipping and lost at least a couple of weeks of productivity meanwhile. To our surprise, the girls were in a nearby store and located “an upgrade from any previous version of the software,” even the version I own from 7 years ago—for $99.99.

There’ve been several more but the most recent one was just Friday, when a plumber came out to look at a faulty valve on the commode in the master bath (mistress bath?). The most likely outcome? Two service calls, a special order on the part, and out over $500. I knew this was the most likely outcome, but I kept focusing on everything being fine and some little fix solving the whole problem. I didn’t allow those old patterns of immediately knowing that I was about to have as much trouble as I could be given and as expensively as possible.

The plumber, an older man and very honest local fellow, came back to me at the end of the service call and announced that there’s an old trick he knows about flipping a washer inside the valve and that it fixes the problem on rare occasions. This was one of those times.

Nice. Yeah.


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