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Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

I feel like my root chakra has been re-activated. My sexuality is re-awakening but in strange new ways. Now if there were only someone I wanted, LOL!

Attract Him Back

I’m honoring the Law of Eternal Unfulfillment. I cannot possibly do all things at once, be all things at once, have all things at once. It’s against Universal Law! So it’s okay if I don’t get everything done in a weekend. I’m not so hard on myself about that anymore.

Dommes don’t wear such high heels to make their legs look good to their subs. They do it because they need the extra height for the right position.

I love the look that Aislinn has now. It’s sophisticated and yet very much her own style. Shannon pegged it last night when she returned to our table at the restaurant and noted that Aislinn and I looked very “European” sitting there. One of the cool things about living where we do is that we often end up with friends and acquaintances who’ve lived all over the world and bring unique bits of their cultures to our lives. It seems we incorporated some of the more cosmopolitan flavors into our personal environments.

Grendel has become such a good puppy! His ADHD has calmed down and he often lies on his back at our feet or with his head in our laps. Most people still think of him as hyper, unfortunately, because they see him for those first few minutes when he’s so excited about “new people” being around. Then he’s just like a little boy who wants attention from visitors!

The only thing that I hate about spring is the pollen, oak pollen in particular. This week is two years ago that I got so terribly sick, ended up out of work for weeks, and months before I got my voice back, thanks to an infection in my trachea. I missed two writers’ conferences in a row (I showed up for the one in the Jacksonville but spent the whole weekend miserably in bed and the other, I was too sick to get out of bed for, even to drive there to give workshops). Had I not been in Jax, I probably would have gotten my allergy meds in time or at least have gotten help sooner. By the time I did get to a doctor, I was already beyond what my normal meds could do for me and I was too desperately miserable to care about much of anything. Never mind losing my voice for so long—the terrifying thing was when my throat would close up a dozen times a day and I never knew if I would breathe again or die in that spot. Last year, I got to the doc on the first day of it. This year, I’m armed to my proverbial gills with allergy meds for a pre-emptive attack on spring pollen.

I love having fresh flowers in my house. They’re best, however, when they come from my own garden. Every time I cut them and put them in vases to enjoy in my home, I feel as though I’m making offerings to the Gods. And They are well pleased.

I’ve lost 20 pounds since my divorce and have kept off 15 to 18 of them consistently. It’s stabilized to the point where I think I can undertake another launch into my favorite diet/lifestyle, which focuses on six small meals a day at regular intervals. It’s the best diet I’ve ever been on, the weight melts off, and I feel great in every way. I’ve started to do this on several occasions in the last few months but got delayed because of family traumas. I realized at the Spring Equinox that I could be down another 15 pounds by Beltane and probably another 5 after that by the Summer Solstice before leveling out again. I knew I couldn’t return to that style of eating last week because of work events but after I’m done with a family event this week, I’m going to kick it off with April’s full moon. It won’t be a problem losing it—and besides, I’ve got vinyl I want to look good in!


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