Just a Wow Moment

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

Someone handed me some information today that surprised me. I had

a chance to see some pretty scary stuff regarding some other people. Not good stuff, at all. I got a chance to see what’s going on with some people I’d thought were doing really well in all realms of their lives. Far from it. About as far from it as you can get. Their lives are nothing but facades. Which makes me sad and yet….

Attract Him Back

I had one of those wow moments I needed tonight.

It’s that sudden sense of knowing you’re going to be okay, in spite of getting slammed emotionally.

In spite of all the loss in recent months and in spite of feeling extremely wobbly about where I’m going after a major Tower Card kind of event, seeing the truth behind the illusions presented by a couple of people I’d admired made me realize a few things.

I really am a chick who has it together. Possibly more than I ever thought.

And that makes me smile.