Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

As I was finishing dinner with the girls a few nights ago at a nice little Italian restaurant, something hit me in the pit of my stomach. A wave of energy, direct to my third chakra. I’d been doing pretty good for the past few days, with not so much turbulence to my nervous system. This one was a big one.

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It started as an omigod-what’s-happening-now? At times, it was a little excited, but mostly just intense and annoyed, a little on the heavy side. It didn’t feel happy and it wasn’t coming from the direction of parents or kids or certain friends. Had the girls not been with me at the time, I might have thought they were in trouble or in need.

It’s hard to explain energetic connections to people who don’t believe in them, yet most moms understand the “intuition” or the sudden feeling that something’s wrong with their baby, even if their baby’s all grown up and far away. So consider energetic connections to be the same thing as maternal instinct, just applied to people other than your children.

Aislinn has had this since she was 9, perhaps younger. She could feel my emotions long before my divorce and asked me many times about things that were not openly shown in my home. When Daddy was dying, we all felt the heaviness around us and didn’t know where it was coming from but she was the one who called his house at the moment of his death because she sensed the “direction” of the connection.

Shannon admits that she has this, too. In recent months, she’s been with friends and felt my discordant emotions. She’s called home to check on me and found me upset. She jokes that we have a leash on each other.

So whatever happened the other night, it banged on my third chakra for at least two hours, making me almost ill as I tried to get some work finished. In fact, it was so intense that I became too agitated to work or to think, and it took a lot of effort to calm it down. My immediate loved ones were all just fine, so I’m not sure of the direction of this particular wave of energy though it felt very familiar.

I noted the time and date. I learned to do that years ago. I’d get one of those “feelings” and call everyone I loved to see if they were okay and they’d assure me they were fine. Then I’d find out months later that one of them had lied to me about being okay to spare my feelings, not knowing that I was feeling it anyway. I’ve noted the time and date and found out weeks later than someone was arrested then or someone was injured then, or that someone caught a cheating partner then. Or that someone was dying.

So whoever it was that night, whatever it was about, I’ll hear about it eventually, but I hope they’re okay.


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