I’m Grateful for… Cheap Car Insurance!

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

Gratitude lists are in vogue these days. I’ve kept them for years but I don’t normally publish them. However, today I’m feeling particularly grateful for…cheap car insurance!

Attract Him Back

Not that it’s particularly cheap. Or inexpensive. It’s just that we made some good moves when it came to getting my teenager insured.  And might I say, I’m also grateful I have daughters, and daughters with good grades and good driving records! Let’s hope she takes after me and averages only one ticket every 20 years, and doesn’t start any time soon.

I don’t think she understood until her male friends compared their premiums. She now understands why I wasn’t terribly upset when her car immediately needed a new starter and a new fuel injection pump, plus new tires and some other fixes. In the long run, she’s got a better deal because of what insurance would otherwise cost. If she were driving my car, which is only two years old, her insurance would be significantly higher.

When I put her on my insurance, the company representative told me I could not have put a teen in a better car, either for safety or for the money. Yes, it’s an old clunker that didn’t cost her very much, but it’s a mini tank, a 1986 Beemer.


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