Experimentation with Universal Laws: Knowing When Free Will Is Being Impeded

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

We decided to try a little experiment, testing some Universal Laws to see how they applied to given situations and how they can be impeded. Just…let’s put this out there and see what happens and see how long it takes before we see any effect.

Attract Him Back

The answer to the second question? Less than 3 hours.

The question is this: when there are people who are so obsessed with your every move and can’t seem to focus on their own lives, can that obsession and direction of energy toward what you’re doing really make a difference? Can that extreme focus impede Law so that it must be overturned?

It’s not like we haven’t dealt with this question before. We’ve seen the controlling parents, spouses, teachers, etc, who insisted on molding someone into their image so that within 5 minutes of a person making a statement about what they fancied, the other person was telling them how bad it was, how it would never work, etc.

Yet here we are learning about the Law of Attraction and making vision boards and so excited and sometimes there are family, friends, and colleagues who are just waiting to sabotage the future. Usually not intentionally. Usually, they really do want you to be happy, but happy how they want you to be happy. But sometimes, out of fear or anger, the energy they direct disturbs the flow of energy you’ve already directed at the things you want to come into your life.

I think I just keep hoping that people will go do their own thing and concentrate on their own lives instead of living in the past and trying to own everyone they’ve ever known.

Yet this is one more time that I see it and why, as I tell my current circle of friends, that I tell so little of where I’m most focusing my energy now. There is a long history of saying,  “This is what I want”  to specific people or  them  becoming  aware of  what  I want—and suddenly, inexplicably,  the thing I want disappears or I become extremely dissatisfied with it. It’s not the normal course that my life takes when I don’t discuss the thing I want.

So last night, I had some things I wanted to keep quiet about and one thing I wanted to talk about. Not directly to anyone, but I was aware of where the information would go.

It took less than 3 hours before a particular project we’d been thrilled about and 100% positive about for over a month—without a second thought of doubt, failure, or low value—suddenly became something all of us hated and suddenly wanted to discard. The change was a 180-degree turn.

But there is much value in recognizing blockage, flow, direction, intention, and effect. The things most important to us, we keep quiet about until the thing is done. Often, it’s never mentioned at all, even when it’s done, because we don’t want the interference. As for the rest, we have learned that such a 180-turn within such a short span of announcing our vision is almost always an attempt from elsewhere to control certain energy and impede Free Will, and for us, that’s a sure sign that we were on the right track to something that would make us happy.


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