Definitely Blessed in the “Fifth House of Children”

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

Gods, I love my girls.

Next weekend is my birthday, which means,  yes,  I got my prezzies tonight.  It’s funny that way,  and in a fun way. The girls,  Aislinn especially, just can’t wait until my birthday. Pretty much the minute she and Shannon get home from finding my present, they present the present.

Attract Him Back

Tonight they were insistent. Aislinn said it would make my week. It did. Aislinn brought me a wonderful new pillow (that’s just perfect for meditating with my selenite rod in hand) and a plate that was just beautiful and that I’ve decided to leave on my writing altar to hold checks that come in. (Part of my Law of Attraction efforts last month was visualizing checks coming in and, well, they have. And not just blank ones from the bank! So, sort of the reverse of the church offertory plate, this one will hold what I draw to me and it’s a nice vision of abundance to pay the bills.)

But the plate turned out to be an “extra” for a whole set of dishes the girls bought for me. I’m so delighted because it’s something I would have bought for myself—exactly my taste!—but wouldn’t have bought for myself because I would have decided I didn’t need it.

It’s nice to be on that wavelength with the people you love and live with.

Yeah, so I’m feeling particularly blessed.


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