Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

There’s something about the guy that just doesn’t work for me. I can’t put my finger on it. Mind you, he’s never been to my house and never will. Our “relationship” has been strictly conversation with a possibility of a date, and my feelings even regarding having coffee with him have been lukewarm.

Attract Him Back

We were sort of accidentally introduced and our initial conversation was interesting, enough so that I was agreeable to talking to him more, perhaps later by phone or email, and seeing where things went. After that, we left messages for one another as my time permitted, which wasn’t very much. It’s been busy around here!

Something in his last messages didn’t feel quite right but it wasn’t a big concern at that point. I didn’t return his last few messages as quickly, but I’d also told him, truthfully, that I had some home business matters to take care of before I could devote any more time to our chatting. I told him I’d talk to him in a few days. Apparently, he didn’t like that.

For some reason, these silly men think that divorced women are just sitting around waiting to talk to a man and drop everything else in their lives at the sheer possibility of male conversation…or fellatio. I don’t know where they get the idea we don’t have a regular life…unless, of course, it’s from reading women’s magazines.

Something just wasn’t as it should be. He said the right things but….

I couldn’t explain it but my basic instinct said to drop any further contact with him, especially when his next message or two seemed a little too clingy and controlling for my tastes. It wasn’t overt, just…just below the surface. I couldn’t quite define it.

Then I went several days without checking my messages because I was so busy otherwise. (Way over 100 pages of a new book!) Tonight I finally listened to my messages and found he’d left me three in about ten minutes’ time. Left while I was at work and not able to get his messages, but what does that matter.

The third to the last one said he hadn’t heard from me in a couple of days and did I forget about him? Wasn’t I done with my “little project” yet? Not, “Are you okay because I know your allergies were bugging you last week?” and not “Did you finish the book yet?” but all about him.

The next to the last message demanded to know where I was.

The last one said I “owed” him.

Okay, thanks. I think I can now put my finger on what’s wrong. It just took a couple more snippets of conversation to figure it out.


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