Weirdness on All Accounts

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Contrast.

  1. When the attorney I work with advised me to take up drinking, I thought, hey, this can’t be good. But I went home and had a fabulous dinner Aislinn cooked and then took his advice and had a glass of wine.

Attract Him Back

  1. Intense emotions have been coming through empathically  since  early  afternoon.  This  was hours  before the conversation with legal counsel. Jump-out-of-my-skin strong. I was in the middle of a light and enjoyable strategy analysis when it hit unexpectedly. The last time I had anything come through this strongly was the day Daddy died, a month ago, but that was a tremendous  heaviness around the time of his heart attack and this was more like butterflies        in      the         stomach               and        I              could  almost feel…fidgeting…a  bounciness.  It  wasn’t  bad,  just  so  intense that it was uncomfortable  but in a pleasant sort of uncomfortable. Like  going  on-stage and  being  nervous but excited, too. Made me wonder, why so  strong right now?  Geographical   proximity?   Clear   weather?   Some change in me? The amplification  was startling. The last time I had  a  feeling  anywhere  near  this  “texture”  was when Shannon and I were on the boardwalk in Daytona and thought someone was watching us. I think  this was stronger. In fact, it’s still a good connection  hours later, though the wine has muted it somewhat, enough for me to calm down.
  2. Strange and insightful conversations  at a luncheon. I’d had a couple of questions that I couldn’t ask anyone without giving away some personal information. But Cyn started talking about her son and damn, if she didn’t tell give me a peek at some information  that will be really good to know in the future. My boss described her son’s situation and I  got confirmation  on something that had worried  me. Beside  me, two  more  colleagues  in a side conversation hit upon the same information without realizing the other conversations. These tidbits weren’t normal lunch talk, and in all the years I’ve known these people, I’ve never heard it before, largely because these were all new situations  that had just happened in the last few months. It was like  the  Universe  had said,  “You  have questions on  ? Here’s  what  you need to know  to deal with this. Just listen.” This really does happen occasionally with some of my coworkers,  to the point of me sitting quietly at my desk, working and pondering a personal situation when one will—no kidding—walk into my office and tell me the answer I’m looking for, then say, “I have no idea why I felt I needed to come tell you this.”
  3. Death Cab for Cutie has been playing in my head all evening. Specifically, “I’ll Follow You into the Dark.” Beautiful lyrics, but hard to listen to since Daddy’s death. Not the full song’s  playing  though…more  of  the “So I never went back” part and the “I’ll follow you into the dark” part.  A couple  of days ago,  it was  Green  Day’s “When I Come Around,” just that phrase over and over. My dreams are always about movement, and it seems my personal soundtrack is that way as of late.
  4. The “Queen of Cups” my guides had told me was coming to take  over my organization has not been officially announced to those of us who will be working for her. It’s  a big  secret  we’re  not  supposed  to  know  yet (nobody told my guides that). Two people today in other organizations told me it had been formally announced in their offices  this  week.  I  get  along  very  well with  this woman but my feeling that there’ll be big changes at work are confirmed by her appearance on the scene, if nothing else. Her predecessor  left unexpectedly, and I knew that was happening. Now this. I’ve worked for her before but never for more  than  a few months.  One of us always leaves within three months of a  boss-employee  relationship. Hmmmm. If that long.
  5. I was too zonked after my walk tonight to do anything. Total sensory overload. So I took a 5-hour nap and now I’m back up. I never  take 5-hour naps. I rarely get that  much  sleep  all  night.  I  think  I’ll  go  back  to  bed now….

Tomorrow’s going to be even stranger, I think.

Omigods, the moon is now in Scorpio. Yes, tomorrow will be even more intense.


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