Wands and Pentacles, Business and Money

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Contrast.

My guides weren’t kidding about this month being all about business and money! In my monthly reading, I had wands and pentacles all over the  place. I’m used to the past six months being about business and spirituality  (a bazillion   wands)   but   not   so   much   on   the  money (pentacles) aspects. That’s changed, and with the change is coming a  clean-up of sorts. Not much in the way of swords (conflict) or cups  (emotions),  just lots of wands and pents.

Attract Him Back

Many changes at work, most of them unexpected…by most people. The aforementioned Queen of Cups started her first day today as our new  boss. Shake-ups  are expected. I think we’ll have a feel for it by the end of the month.

It’s looking like my 2005 tax return got lost. I have the report of where it was received but it can’t be found now. If I’d owed money, I’m sure someone would have found it already but since it’s a refund…. I’m still tracking that one down. Worst case, I can prove when I filed and I’ll just send in a paper copy. This happened once before back with Hurricane Katrina.

Meanwhile, my state Sales taxes are done and going out in tomorrow’s mail.

Author  royalties  and  1099’s  are  mostly  done—just checking back over the numbers to make sure everything matches. Shannon will probably get those finished on Friday and they’ll go out in about a week. I’ll be glad to have that done.

Still waiting  to  hear  back  on  my  roofer  reimbursement. I jostled a few things loose but inertia is setting in again. Someone asked me recently if I ever “cursed” people, and I responded that no, I don’t, and  as evidence, most [roofer companies that offend me] are still standing, aren’t they? I hear they want to put a [roofer company that offends me]  in Niceville.  Maybe they’ll have a city council meeting on it and I can pass out photocopies  of the picture of the branch they shingled over!

I finally got a chance to see my credit bureau report, though it took forever to get them to understand that I couldn’t  tell them what the street address  was at Cayo Grande apartments in Bluewater when I lived  there because  I  never  lived  there.  That’s  part  of  the problem. They  didn’t  have  my  information—they  had  my  ex’s post-divorce, non-joint account info on my credit report. I’ve got a lot of stuff to fix, and some of it we were able to take care of on the spot. My FICO score is up about 100 points already, and now I’ve got a few go-do’s to take care of, and a couple of things I’m at a loss for.

I’d been  afraid  that  my  Discover  card’s  computer glitch had caused a problem, but no, not at all. The only lateness showing up was  from a Bank of America card that apparently came with my little car loan. I didn’t recall signing up for the card and certainly didn’t need it, but they sent it anyway, free (for the first year). I never used it. The only thing ever charged to it was the annual dues for the second year, and since I’d never even activated the card, I trashed the correspondence,  not realizing it was a bill. I paid for the second year (no choice), asked that the late fee be waived and was told no, paid the late fee, said thank you very much,  and closed the account.  It’s still there,  dinging me, and I do believe  I’ll  sell my dab of Bank America stock I bought when I was 21 and pay off the car loan and be done with them forevermore.

The only thing on my credit report that was deemed a true negative and that I don’t plan to go fix in an aggressive way is that  I don’t have enough revolving monthly debt. HUH??? Last week, the highest negative was that I showed  about  30K  in  revolving  debt  that wasn’t  supposed to be there.  Now that that’s  fixed, I don’t have enough debt? Sheesh. And you wonder why people are in so much debt.

Once this month and its business and money focus is done, I’m calling in cups—lots of them!


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