Conversation Starter? Or Ender?

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Contrast.

In  the   What’s-with-People-these-Days   department, I’ve  noted  a lot  of  my  online  friends  enduring  some rather invasive comments and  actions from friends, coworkers,  and  rank  strangers  recently, leading  many  to wonder just how much of our  current  population was born in the proverbial barn.

Attract Him Back

Such nosy questions  always lead me to wonder what that person’s issues are because generally there’s no logical reason and certainly no good reason for why some of these questions are being asked of me. Is there a particular astrological configuration that relates to nosiness and idiocy that I don’t know about? Are there secret lobotomies going on all around me and no one sent me the memo?

So. Yesterday.

A colleague I’ve known a few years, one who doesn’t really know me that well except to know my salary level and my age because of her  position in the organization, walks into my office and says….

“You’re over  40. Why don’t  you  go ahead  and get your uterus removed?”


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