Law of Attraction: When Experts Fail

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Contrast.

Even people who teach the Law of Attraction and its benefits can fail miserably at it. But they do become terrific examples of how it works!

Attract Him Back

At least six months ago, a man who teaches community classes in Universal Law and writes instructional materials about it  sold me a couple of products that were helpful to me, mainly because  they gave me an idea of how not to structure such material. I’m not complaining about his products—knowing  what doesn’t work can be just  as important  as knowing  what does work, and his ideas were good.

Our interaction  included a couple of telephone calls and we got to  know each other personally. I thought it was odd that he mentioned upfront in the second phone call that he’d like to go ahead and complete our transaction right then because he really needed the money. He’d had some unexpected  bills and was reeling, trying to figure out how to pay his mortgage that month. He doesn’t take credit cards, so I sent him a check that afternoon and didn’t think anything else about it.

Weeks went by and I emailed him to ask for a follow-up, and he was angry. He hadn’t received my check.

I was a little upset. He made it clear that he thought I’d stiffed him. The check hadn’t cleared, which had surprised me since he’d needed the money so badly. I gave him the date I’d sent the check and check number, but he sounded  skeptical  and  mentioned  that  he  was  getting stiffed a lot. His insinuation didn’t set well with me. I pay my bills. Even when I’d rather not, I pay what I owe. I told him  I’d  send  him  a  second  check  and  whichever check arrived second, tear it up.

After a week, I emailed  to follow  up  with  him  on whether he’d received the second check. He had. He hadn’t notified me, when I’d been worried about my reputation with him, but yes, he’d received it. To this date, the original check has never been cashed or, as far as I know, received. It never came back to me, either. Like it went into a black hole.

A month or so passed and I needed a particular product that he makes. I knew I’d have to get in line and wait my turn, so I called him to put in my order. To my surprise, he decided to go ahead and fit me in that day instead of taking a lunch hour. I told him I’d thought he needed more  time.  He  said  he  did,  but  he  really  needed  the money and could I drop a check in the mail to him that day? He told me that his money just wasn’t flowing and he had a mortgage payment due in 10 days and he didn’t know how he was going to make it happen,  but he was using the Law of Attraction to handle his financial needs.

I dropped the check in the mail that day, asking him to let me  know  when it arrived  in about  two to three days. He completed the  product for me and sent it that afternoon.

I was  shocked  at  the  quality  of  it.  He  really  had needed more time.

Over 10 days passed  and I received  an angry email from him. When was I going to put my check in the mail to him? He’d sent the product to me on the day I’d ordered it and I hadn’t fulfilled his financial needs.

I assured him I’d sent it to the correct address on that day, but I would send another check to him. That one, he did get, but I had to track him down once again to find out if it had arrived. The other check was never cashed, and never to my knowledge received.

I ended  my  business  relationship  with  him  at  that point and went on to hire someone  else to do the same job for me. At a time when he really needed the money and we might have both benefited from a business relationship.

Looking back now, I see exactly how the Law of Attraction kicked him in the shins. His focus was entirely on how broke he was and how money wasn’t coming in. He used that term several times in  our conversations.  “The money just isn’t coming in right now.” And it didn’t. The mail I sent to him—using a typed label because my penmanship is crap—never arrived in two instances. While I do occasionally send mail to a bad part of L.A. and have it come back months later or get stolen, it was a shock to me that two checks to the same person disappeared forever when we’d had no issues with our other correspondence. But his focus was on “money not coming in right now,” and that’s exactly what the Law of Attraction gave him.

What a great  lesson,  and from  a man  who actively practiced the Law of Attraction to bring prosperity into his life, only to bring the opposite.


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