Welcome December: Calling It In

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Below.

You  won’t  know  if  you  have  what  you  want unless you know what it looks like or feels like. So, as I welcome in the last month of December 2006, I send out the following  “wishlist” and call in the energies to bring me the following, in no particular order of importance or chronology:

Attract Him Back

– In this month, I have 3 kid-free weekends, including New Year’s  Eve.  I put it out to the Universe to receive some  fun  invitations,  something  low-key  and  pleasant, whether it’s a weekend  trip to Epcot, a holiday cruise, a concert, a walk on the beach, whatever.  I call in a few days or evenings of fun, either in town or out of it. Come on, Universe: surprise me!

– I  call  in  a  pleasant  visit  with  my  parents/family around Christmas, including a walk in the woods or in the fields or some other way that brings me close to Nature.

– I call in a beautiful  home over the holidays,  stressfree and pleasant.

– I call in a resolution to my roofer problems and a check for damage reimbursement.

– I call in wonderful,  mentally  stimulating conversation.

– I call in a finish to my fall cleaning and straightening that will leave me feeling lighter and happier.

– I call in fun reunions with old friends and blessed gatherings with new ones.

– I call  in  some  pleasant  nights  under  the  stars  or maybe with my toes in the sand.

– I call in a protected, less stressful time at work.

– I call in good health and strong, heel-worthy legs!

– I call in fun new experiences  and interesting  new knowledge.

– I call in the completion of at least 3 book projects currently in whatever stage (completion defined as out to the printers, at least).

– I call in feeling good and happiness for my girls and for myself.

– I call in more protection to help a couple of friends stay safe and grounded amid a transition as they claim/reclaim their power.

– I call in lots of book sales

– I call in strength and serenity for my mom.

– I call in an utterly surprising and wonderful moment that will sweep me off my feet (Universe’s Choice!)

Hmm, so there. It boils down to productivity, joy, and—something I don’t get enough of—fun.


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