The Universe Has a Sense of Humor

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Below.

I’ve said before that the Universe  has a sense of humor. If nothing else, my romantic life over the past two years certainly proves that!

Attract Him Back

But now the Universe is reminding me to keep things fun. How?

Well, a few weeks ago, I began experimenting  more with the Law of Attraction and visualization techniques. I started simple, as many practitioners suggest. I visualized a parking  spot  and got  one.  Not  only  that,  but  I was rather specific and not specific at the same time. I visualized the second spot on the left behind my building-or “one just as good.” A white car had pulled into the spot on the left before I got there…but the second spot on the right was available. Later, as I returned to my building after lunch, the original spot was just then being  vacated and I took the spot I’d visualized originally-the  second space on the left.

Later when I was telling Aislinn about it, we were in the car, running an errand. As we parked, she laughed and noted that we’d taken the only available space-the second space on the left.

I haven’t thought that much about parking spots over the Thanksgiving holidays because they’ve been plentiful, but  I  knew  today   would  be  crowded  at  work.  The thought struck me as I came through  the security gate: There’s not going to be a spot up close.

I shoved the thought aside and veered right anyway, heading for a parking spot that would be near-impossible to find. But I kept the faith.

As I neared the eastern side of my building, I noted that the second spot to the left was taken, as was the second to the  right  and every  other spot  in sight for the whole street.

There’s not going to be a spot up close, I heard my doubts say. But I kept the faith, still. I made a left turn at the intersection and drove through the parking spaces on the northern side of my building. All full.

You’re going to have to park in East Egypt, I heard my doubts say, sneering.

But still I kept the faith that I’d spot an open parking space, even though these lots are always full by 7:00 and I don’t arrive until 8:00. I just shoved the doubt aside and focused not on looking for an empty space but  for spotting the empty space I knew was there…somewhere.

And I did spot one. I wheeled into the tiny lot to the north of my  building, the one closest to the back door from that street, and about a  3  minute walk at most. I parked, got out, smiled to myself about this little experiment, and then realized something:

The parking  spot  that  had been  open-the  only one  within a  15-minute  walk  to  my  building-was,  on  that street, the second space on the left.

And just to be entirely anti-climactic  in the telling of this event, when I returned from lunch, there was only one parking spot available in a vast sea of cars. Have you guessed it yet?

The original spot I’d visualized, the one that’s the second space on the left.


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