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“The Dreamtime  is not what you think it is,” a spirit  guide told me about a year ago.

Attract Him Back

I’d asked if they meant the Shamanic Dreamtime  or

sleep, and  they’d  been  a  little  impatient  in  explaining. They didn’t see the difference, really. Sleep isn’t what we think. It’s a  time when our conscious and unconscious minds trade info and it’s a  way of connecting  with each other’s subconscious  minds.  That’s  the  way it was  explained,  in…I don’t  know,  Pleaidean?…some  other  language translated into English and none too well.

I’ve gained  a better  understanding  of it in the past year.

One of the things  I loved about the Florida Pagan

Gathering was  my  chats  with  Raven  Grimassi  and  his wife, Stephanie Taylor. Raven and I compared some similar spiritual experiences that  left me feeling…validated. You can see and understand  something for yourself but when someone  else can offer their insights on the same subject, it takes the experience to a whole new level. And it’s  always fun to discuss quantum  physics and the like with someone new.

What if, Raven suggested, we in our physical form are “particle” and  in our sleep we are “wave”?  We cannot stay  in  “particle”  forever,  so  we  lapse  into  sleep,  into “wave.” But eventually we must come out of the “wave” and back into “particle.”

This is  something  that  stays  with  me,  even  as  the weeks pass. Sometimes I feel I make more “real” connections  with  people  via  our  subconscious  than  in  actual physical conversation. There are connections and insights that come in that “wave” form, that I’m  able to bring back with me more and more into “particle.” In “wave,” I am  part of that vast sea of connected  energy, the Universe, the One and the Law of One. Sometimes physical confirmation  in  “particle”  isn’t  nearly  as  important  as what  comes  from  “wave”  and  yet  here  in  “particle,” physical confirmation  is the only confirmation  of energy that seems to matter.

Ha! That seems to matter.


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