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Tonight, a Dark Moon night, I realized how much has opened  up in the past month, and in the past two months, and certainly within the last three months, and— oh Gods—how  much has changed  in the  past six and wondering if I’ll see as much change in the next six. The past  week has felt like more big shifts, this time in the strength to create all that I want in life, but also a strange little  twist  over  the   weekend…something   to  do  with movement in the domestic area. Like a  new house or a house that seems new.

Attract Him Back

There are also new things I know as of this weekend. I can’t explain how or why, but I just know. Certain cycles have ended, and it’s time for new and joyous ones.

On the homefront, this past week has been very productive, in spite of at least two versions of hell that came to visit and left kicking my world into that higher vibration I wouldn’t have  suspected. I’ve been so productive that I’ve had only a moment to worry that I wasn’t productive enough before beating that self-defeating  doubt back into submission. I do need to take a moment over the next week and plan where to put my focus next.

Which project will get my juice?

I’m coming up on the Spilled Candy catalog project, but with the holidays upon us, I won’t get maximum effect. So I’ll plan on focusing on that in January and February. Besides, I’ll have more books out then.

In the meanwhile,  I sent two books to the printer’s this week—my own Third Degree of Freedom (the third blog book of essays  on starting over) and Lauren Hartford’s Celebrating the Tower Card (finally!).  I also  started  formatting the fourth Third Degree book as well as editing Lauren’s  A Wedding of Souls. Hopefully  I’ll  get  one  or  the other or both (depending on my quick trip to see my parents  over  Thanksgiving   weekend)  finished  within  the week. I’ve also done a lot of cleaning in the house, and I want to finish that this week, too, in preparation for putting up Christmas decorations this year, now that I have a roof to decorate.

So it’s a moment tonight to take stock of where I am in creating my own life of abundance.  I think I’m about to shock myself with how much I can accomplish before New Year’s Day…and just how much good stuff is waiting for me to claim it in the next few weeks.


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